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Charles E.
Jun-03-2009, 8:23pm
Well here it is, I found a couple of cigar boxes at the local flea market for a buck a piece and that got the wheels turning.
It has linings in all the corners, X-bracing, mahogany blocks and a carbon-fiber reinforced bolt on neck. It actually sounds pretty good considering the plywood box.
The cost, about $50.oo, the look on my mando buddies faces this weekend at Mt. Airy Fiddlers convention, priceless.

Jim Garber
Jun-03-2009, 8:29pm
Nice, Charles... smoke one for me.

Jun-04-2009, 12:52am

Jim MacDaniel
Jun-04-2009, 10:31am
Nice -- did you build the neck from scratch?

Jason Kessler
Jun-04-2009, 10:49am
That cigar box, like most, is cheap wood with paper glued on. There are some cigar brands, though, that come in boxes that are just bare wood. This might make a marginal difference in volume and tone for your next creation.

Charles E.
Jun-04-2009, 6:31pm
Jim, indeed I did make the neck from scratch ( mostly scraps ). It was a fun project but time to move on to other instruments on my bench.
Jason, before I glued the blocks and X-bracing I traced them with a thin knife then soaked the paper off the contact areas. So I was gluing wood to wood. I have not run accross the nicer boxes yet.