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Jun-01-2009, 5:38am
LM600 loar - bought by a local patron of the arts in exchange for one of my paintings - now awaiting collection at mandolin bros. - e.t.a. here in italy is mid-july. probably not a good idea to anticipate these things but i hope posting notice makes the time go faster (can't say i'm wild about the case but that scroll looks serious):

Jun-01-2009, 7:20am
Practically a barter, Bill. Congratulations. Let us know how you like it when it gets to you (eventually).


Jake Wildwood
Jun-01-2009, 7:39am
Barter is always a good way to do business when you can. :)

Looks like fun, Bill -- definitely pop a video of this one up when you get it in.

And also: I didn't know you were a painter! Where can I see your work?

Dan Hoover
Jun-01-2009, 7:54am
yes,can't wait to see your first video with this one...i'm sure there will be a gleam in your eye...and i'd like to see some of your art too..maybe a video-tour??

Jun-01-2009, 8:51am
i was thinking of making a video of the painting/mandolin exchange ... something self-effacing and low key ... something along these lines:

Jun-01-2009, 9:53am
I like the case, but could do without the "The Loar" bragadoccio emblem. That's like saying "steal me!" I've always been partial to rectangular cases myself - not only do they blend in better (call less attention to themselves), they're useful. The one I had for my F-12 served as a table, a stool (set on its end), or a chair (set on its edge horizontally). Also useful as a hitchhiking sign - always kept a piece of chalk in the compartment, just in case. ;)

Well, even though you recently complained about having too many mandolins, this looks like a very worthwhile addition to the collection. Bravo! :mandosmiley:

Al Hagensen
Jun-01-2009, 7:14pm
Congratulations! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.They are a Great Instrument for the investment.

Rob Powell
Jun-02-2009, 4:17am
Congrats!!! I know you'll love it....the case is extremely practical because it's extremely protective. The emblem is an interesting conversation starter. I was retrieving the instruments from the car at a festival recently and being as there's 4, needed a little help. My friend helping me had never seen my instruments before but he knew I played mandolins. When he saw the case he said, "You have a Loar mandolin?" Like I had a case cover embroidered so I wouldn't forget which one was the Loar;)

When I answered him I said, "Don't I wish! This is probably as close as I'm ever going to get."

I also have a Dudenbostel peg winder which besides the obvious use let's me say I have a Dudenbostel in the case:grin: