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Sheryl McDonald
May-28-2009, 7:29pm
How do I make text a clickable link?

As in turn http://www.amazon.com into "Amazon"


May-28-2009, 7:33pm
The easiest way is to write a word like "word" the highlight that word, then click the link button and paste in your link. This way I'll paste http:www.mandolincafe.com into word and it will turn blue...

word (http://www.mandolincafe.com)

The other way is to click your link button then paste your link and hit OK then start typing over the highlighted text that is returned.
http://www.mandolincafe.com can become word (http://www.mandolincafe.com).


May-28-2009, 8:36pm
What Jamie is talking about is the "insert link" icon right below the smiley face above the message pane. Type the word you want to use for your link, highlight it, click that icon, type or paste the link in the pop-up, click "OK," and bang zoom there you go! :) You can even access this function in Edit mode, if need be.

We'll work on inserting videos next week ... ;)

May-28-2009, 9:17pm
Make sure you over-write the http:// that is listed in the link if you have the http:// in what you are pasting into the link. Most of the broken links I see have two http:// statements in them.