View Full Version : Two more econo Silverangels

May-27-2009, 12:17pm
Here's pics of the latest econos coming out of my shop. One spruce and one cedar.

Doug Edwards
May-27-2009, 1:42pm
Very nice Ken, Do you hace sound clips up an running?

May-27-2009, 1:49pm
Yes doug, they are on my website on the pricing page.
Thanks, Ken


May-27-2009, 7:56pm
Ken nice work. Went to your web-site listened to the A and F, very good sound. I'll be getting a F model hopefully within the year, I will keep yours in mind. Whatever I''ll get has to be the "ONE" for the rest of my time here on earth. Got a good A, it's an A-9 Gibson, sweet tone, pretty good volume, but I also want a F that I don't have to bear down so hard on, old hands are getting slow, I need something with a massive punch, so I don't have to be so heavy handed, comes from 40+ years of having inferior mandos. That heavy hand works ok if you are young and strong, not so good if you have the "ritusis" in the hands. Anyway man impressive mandolins. I bet you'll sell quite a bit.

Mark Walker
Jun-02-2009, 7:49am
Ken - you're consistently cranking out gorgeous mandolins! The grain and stain on the backs of those are beautiful, and I'm sure they sound GREAT - as do all of your mandolins. Keep up the great work! :)

Jun-02-2009, 10:16am
Thanks Mark, you doing alright up there in MI? Alot of mandolin work going on here!

Jun-02-2009, 5:28pm
Ken, does Laura still build mandolins too?

Jun-02-2009, 6:45pm
No, as far as I know, she isn't.

Jun-09-2009, 10:38am
Very beautiful mandolins...

Saw pics on this forum and at your website, I hope to be able to get one of you econo-mandolins this year.

Which is the spuce and cedar mandolin ?


Jun-09-2009, 11:35am
THe cedar one has the Orrico tailpiece.

Jun-09-2009, 7:33pm
here'a a little peek at the next econo, econodistressed plus!

Mark Walker
Jun-10-2009, 1:00pm
Very cool! Relief carving and an angel portrait on an 'economy' mandolin. That'll be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece - much like mine!

Keep up the great work Ken! :)

Patrick Sylvest
Jun-10-2009, 3:26pm

Jun-11-2009, 2:11pm
Nice looking mandos Ken!

Man alive is my A style sounding great these days!

Mark Walker
Jun-12-2009, 9:43am
Thanks Mark, you doing alright up there in MI? Alot of mandolin work going on here!

Ken - doing okay! Yes - there are some very good builders within an hour or two drive of me... That 'kid' Dan Voight (my own son's age!) is nearby, as well as (I think) Gary Tope and Bill Halsey. And probably a few I don't know. (I think there are like 15 showing up in the 'Builders' database on the Cafe'.)

Hope all is going well - you sure seem to be doing good with these fine 'Economandolins.' Keep up the good work!