View Full Version : My dads great grandmas mandalin

May-25-2009, 4:40pm
My family has this mandolin that's been in my house for quite a while. It says C Bruno, New York on the back of the head (sorry if that's not what its called) and trademark with a logo on the front of the head. Can you tell the age of this and what it might be worth? If you need anymore information just ask. ;)

May-25-2009, 8:04pm
Bruno was a distributor that had mandolins built for them by other manufacturers. This mandolin is from the early 1900's probably no later than 1920 (maybe even a little earlier) and the value would most likely be less than $250.00. This was most likely an entry to mid-level mandolin at the time.

man dough nollij
May-25-2009, 8:07pm
It's pretty cool-- I would definitely hang onto it.

May-25-2009, 10:30pm
Thanks guys!

I appreciate it!

Jim Garber
May-25-2009, 10:46pm
It looks like the bridge is unorignal and probably not suitable for actually playing. Also the tuners look like one is bent. Might be fun to get it playable, if it doesn't cost too much.

Michael Gowell
May-26-2009, 12:48pm
By all means, get it fixed by a luthier. Please Don't Take Pliers To The Tuning Peg - it is easy to fix by a knowledgable instrument repairperson but easy to ruin by an amateur. That, a bridge, and new strings will cost you $50-75, pretty cheap to restore a family heirloom.