View Full Version : Breedlove on the way!

May-21-2009, 1:41pm
I have been wanting to get a Breedlove for a different sound and look to go along with my BRW and Weber f-styles. I finally pulled the trigger with this one. It will be here on Tuesday!


May-21-2009, 2:15pm
Once you get the Breedlove broken in, we could start a pool as to when you get rid of your other two inferior mandolins. Seriiously, welcome to the "Breedlove Brotherhood".

Dave Ashby
May-21-2009, 8:51pm
I'm a Breedlove "baby brother", having just aquired my sunburst Quartz OF last week. Photos can't do justice to the warm glow of the satin finish. This is the most amazing looking, playing, and sounding mando and it is a bottom of the line model. I no longer look at Gibsons with such lust and passion.

May-26-2009, 9:56pm
Well my Breedlove arrived today and I could not be happier with it! This mandolin is much fun to play. It is very resonant, and I really like the tone as a change of pace from my other mandolins. The build quality is definitely there. Pictures don't really do it justice either. It is really a very cool looking instrument, again, as something different from my BRW and Weber. You really get a lot for the money with these Breedlove Quartz mandolins.


Sep-01-2013, 9:24pm
Im getting me one of them OO s for oldtime I think they look great played another model once very comfortable neck! very nice looking mandolin!

Sep-02-2013, 9:19am
I do enjoy my KO!

Play on!