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Aug-11-2004, 11:29am
Hi people

I love this 'ere mandolin project - I haven't yet got round to recording anything myself (I haven't got a microphone...) but I've had my mandolin for about 4 weeks, after being a 6 year guitar player and it's cool to hear basic versions of songs that everyone can enjoy!

Anyway, I was wondering - is it possible to put up a playlist of all the files on the project page, so that we can listen to everything in one go? Or is streaming it bad on bandwidth? Or any better ways of listening to everything in one go? Or shall I just be patient and do it one by one?!!


Martin Jonas
Aug-11-2004, 12:07pm
Download them all and then you can play then in any order you want, burn them on CD or whatever else. The amount of data transfer is the same as if you were to listen to them streamed, but you only need to do it once instead of every time you want to repeat a tune. Streaming makes no sense for free MP3s like these -- its only purpose is to prevent copying of commercial material.