View Full Version : waterloo sunset

May-18-2009, 1:08pm
featuring "rags the wonder dog" whose surprise appearance blows what little power of concentration i have and i (choke) fluff some chords:

Mike Buesseler
May-18-2009, 1:24pm
Wow! Excellent, Bill! I like almost everything you post...keep it coming! :)

May-18-2009, 1:39pm
I enjoyed that very much! Thank-you. :)

Barbara Shultz
May-18-2009, 4:26pm
Bill, that was awesome! I've complimented your playing many times before, but haven't told you that I love your singing, as well! I wish *I* could sing <sigh>


May-18-2009, 5:14pm
Very nice, Bill. I also get inspired by your playing.


David Hansen
May-18-2009, 9:41pm
Bill, that was absolutely wonderful. I'm a big Kinks fan from way back and Waterloo Station is one of my favorites. You definitely do it justice. Thanks.

Dan Hoover
May-19-2009, 6:39am
very cool bill..like i said,really dig the way you play..the sound your getting..i just don't get it???i guess its soul???yes..very inspiring..

May-19-2009, 7:04am
thank you(se) all ...

having seen and understood the lyrics for the first time, i now see that the song - contrary to the popular perception of it being an all-embracing, english classic - is a scurrilous attack on south london from a muswell hill-william from the far-distant north! ... absolutely outrageous!!


"terry and julie cross over the river where they feel safe and sound" ... indeed! if i had understood this at the time we were living in clapham - the REAL london - i would have acquired the necessary travel documents; had my shots taken, etc., etc. and journeyed north to remonstrate with ray about this insidious southern slur.