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Mark Robertson-Tessi
May-17-2009, 4:05pm
I received my Altman F5 mandolin a few days ago. It has a one piece Engelmann top and two piece back. This mandolin was one of the three discussed in this thread here:

My initial reaction is that the instrument is a monster. I played it "in the white" back in March, and loved the rich tone: really big all around. The highs are full and rich all the way up the neck, and the low strings are really nice to dig into. My first impression is that the finish has added a little bit of high frequency pop or sparkle to the way it sounded in the white. However, it also has brand new strings on it right now, while back in March it had been strung up a week or two longer than it is now. I'll have some sound samples and more comments on the instrument in the next few weeks, once I've spent some time with it and it settles into tension.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures. Enjoy!

Mark R-T

Chris Biorkman
May-17-2009, 4:16pm
Very nice! All of those three sounded great, but yours was my favorite. Beautiful too.

May-17-2009, 4:24pm
Congrats. I enjoyed yours a great deal from the earlier thread (I'm an Engleman fan). Looking at it all finished, it just looks "correct!" What a beauty.


Mark Robertson-Tessi
May-17-2009, 4:31pm
Thanks, guys. i forgot to attach one other photo. Shows the grain spacing of the spruce.

Mark R-T

Tripp Johnson
May-18-2009, 4:32am
I think that was my fav as well, another fan of Engleman here. Absolutely a fantastic mandolin!

Jim DeSalvio
May-18-2009, 7:12am
Very nice looking instrument. Congrats and enjoy. The more I get a chance to play some different mandolins, the more I am convinced that Engelmann is a great top wood for a mandolin. It seems to tame some of the brightness down, but retain the characteristic mandolin tone.

Scotti Adams
May-18-2009, 7:13am
Very sweet indeed. Enjoy!

Skip Kelley
May-18-2009, 9:51am
Congratulations, That mandolin is sweet!

Bob Stolkin
May-19-2009, 2:28pm
Wow, Mark, that really came out lovely. Congratulations! Of course I'm biased, but it doesn't get any better than that.

May-20-2009, 10:00am
Thanks Mark for posting the finished goods :)

That's the finish I prefer on F5's. I guess you would call it burnished leather look. I don't care for the one's with yellow in it at all. I could be wrong, but it looks like the binding isn't that blinding white a lot of 'em have either. I like the antiqued look and from what the photo's look like, Mr. Altman nailed it for my tastes. Congratulations indeed, you done good, and good job Mr. Altman.

May-20-2009, 6:15pm
Congrats Mark, Altman ended my search for the ultimate mandolin...

Apr-05-2010, 11:57am
Late to the party, having just discovered these 2 threads on the 3 different Altman tops. This engleman was my favorite also of the 3 top woods. You are a lucky man indeed to own such a lovely sounding instrument. Was a soundclip ever posted somewhere? I'd love to hear it now. cheers!


Mark Robertson-Tessi
Apr-05-2010, 12:09pm
JR, I replied in the other thread with links and a picture of all three mandos.

Mark R-T