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Larry S Sherman
May-17-2009, 2:14pm
There are some mandolins that you just can't get out of your mind once you've seen them. For me it was back in 2005 when Dale Ludewig (http://www.ludewigmandolins.com/) first posted pictures (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15341) of "Greenie" still in the white.

I had been looking for something like Jethro's Red Gibson 2-point for jazz, and the design of Dale's 2-point just reverberated with me. I watched intently as he posted pictures (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16157) of her finished in emerald green. Yes, some fun was had in reference to the color, but for me the green locked in with the abalone block inlays, creating a stunning visual effect.

Of course it didn't help that it sounded so amazing too. Here's a sound clip (http://www.ludewigmandolins.com/Sound%20Clips/OComeEmanuel-EL_liveAtGalena_greenTwoPoint.swf) of Emory Lester playing it live.

Dale designed and built this mandolin for himself, and to use as an example for potential clients, but he had always maintained that it was "not for sale."

Since that day only two other (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29380) Ludewig 2-points have been made (a blue one and a natural brown one), both real beauties. But for me "Greenie" was permanently burned into my mind.

Eventually Dale and I met and started talking, and through a series of unlikely events, happenstance, generosity, negotiations, luck, pleading, and perhaps divine intervention we agreed on a deal that led Dale to ship Greenie off to me in her custom green Calton case. For those of you that don't know

Dale let me just mention that he is one of the nicest and most interesting people you'll ever talk to. His personality is equally matched by his woodworking talent, from his inspirational and daring mandolin design and attention to detail, quality, and most importantly the ability to bring out balanced and dynamic sound to create the most gorgeous and resonant instruments you will ever play.

Here's some pictures, first with Mini:

Larry S Sherman
May-17-2009, 2:18pm
I have always wanted a mando with block inlays, and the abalone inlays on Dale's Greenie tie in nicely with the emerald green finish.

Larry S Sherman
May-17-2009, 2:20pm
I love his headstock design. For me it reminds me of the classic jazz archtop guitars. A perfect headstock for a jazz mandolin!

May-17-2009, 2:21pm
Sure is a pretty axe. Congrats!

Larry S Sherman
May-17-2009, 2:22pm
The back is quilted, and very 3-D when you look at right. A very resonant back, with a pronounced arch. I added a deco tonegard to allow it to vibrate freely at all times.

May-17-2009, 2:25pm
Larry, You're gonna be the Wiz with that mandolin. Congratulations. I was similarly inspired by Greenie, but only to the point of wanting that green top on my (as yet) unfinished IV kit mandolin.


Larry S Sherman
May-17-2009, 2:26pm
Some shots of the front. I particularly love how Dale designed the pickguard/finger-rest to not block the soundhole. It is also positioned lower to give you more picking room.

Larry S Sherman
May-17-2009, 2:31pm
But that's all cosmetics. The real test was when I actually opened the case, tuned her up, and started playing. I was excited right away (my heart felt like it was fluttering when I played), but reserved final judgement until my friend Mario stopped by so I could hear it played back to me. We went over every detail and played and played. It just kept sounding better.

Here's the description I emailed to Dale "An amazing voice, great dynamics, a joy to play, very comfortable neck, good action, clear notes with great sustain and power. Definition, clarity, tone, complexity, sweetness, and volume to match many F-holes instruments yet with the oval-hole sound that goes so well with jazz arrangements. It is loud without any hint of being shrill."

Greenie is a powerful mandolin, and I'm very thankful to Dale for giving me the opportunity to own this mandolin that I've been pursuing for four years.

Larry :mandosmiley:

Larry S Sherman
May-17-2009, 2:38pm
Thanks Jamie & Don! I couldn't be more excited!

My friend Mario is now considering getting on Dale's list. He's trying to figure out what color, options, etc.


Larry S Sherman
May-17-2009, 3:06pm
One more...goofy me playing Greenie :)

May-17-2009, 6:03pm
I have Ludewig F-5 #5, built in 2000, bought by me in 2004 as its first owner, after being played professionally by Emery Lester while he waited on the Stealth (and by a couple of other folks--I'm glad it ended up with me). And I'm glad to see folks talking about Dale, who is a great builder (and even better guy!) who deserves more attention from the mandolin world...

John Bird

Jill McAuley
May-17-2009, 6:13pm
That is one gorgeous mandolin - I LOVELOVELOVE the colour!!! You are one lucky man - congratulations and enjoy that thing!!


Jim Nollman
May-17-2009, 6:39pm
Congratulations on a beautiful design. It reminds me so much of my BRW 3 point. Right down to the pickguard that wraps around the purfled oval hole. If you are ever in the Pacific NW, give a shout, and let's compare the tones of these two similar beauties.

Gail Hester
May-17-2009, 7:10pm
Congratulations Larry, that is a beautiful mandolin.

Bravo Dale, incredible work as usual.

May-17-2009, 8:21pm
that is one of the coolest mandos ever--that color is spectacular!!

Jim Garber
May-17-2009, 9:00pm
Congratulations. The green finish does work nicely... and I especially like the fact that it is an oval hole. Post some sound files when you get a chance.

May-17-2009, 9:06pm
Larry, I'm Green with envy (pun intended)! I first layed my hands on the "Green Meany" about three years ago when I was visiting Dale. I have to say that mandolin is stunning. One of my top three favorite mandolins I have ever had the pleasure to play. I can't believe he parted with it. Congratulations! Here is a pic of me at Dales home trying her out. And I have to agree with you, Dale is a super nice guy and a good friend.

May-18-2009, 11:56am
Congratulations!! It's wonderful to hope and wish for something and finally to get it. It's a beautiful mandolin.

Ted Eschliman
May-18-2009, 7:14pm

May-19-2009, 3:48am
GEEZ! Larry if I played Irish Trad I'd HAVE TO have that. When I look at that awesome green color, Irish Trad and Pubs are all I think about! :grin:


Bob Stolkin
May-19-2009, 11:09pm
That is too cool.

B. T. Walker
May-19-2009, 11:20pm
I can't believe he parted with it.

That is no joke. An acre or two of the Infernal Region must have frozen over.

Congratulations on your major coup. Dale's two-points are all fine mandolins, but the Green Meany is special. I tried without success to pry it from Mr. Ludewig's grasp a couple of years ago. Happily, I ended up with the blue one, but you're so lucky, Larry, you should to go gamble big money in Las Vegas.

Ivan Kelsall
May-20-2009, 12:12am
Dale does seem to have a way with his 'coloured' Instruments.This green one is stunning,green is one of my favourite colours anyway,but his "Blueburst" F-5 stole my heart ages ago when i saw it on his website - congratulations on a gorgeous instrument,

Scotti Adams
May-20-2009, 11:43am
Dale does make a very fine mando. Congrats on talking him out of it. Im sure he knows its got a good home.

Larry S Sherman
May-20-2009, 7:19pm
Thanks everybody! This 2-Point makes my other mandos sound like cardboard boxes by comparison. The finest instrument I have played and/or owned.

Thanks Dale!


Dale Ludewig
May-21-2009, 6:53am
Thanks to everyone for your kind words. Yes, it was hard to part with. I'll just have to make another one. Green, of course. If conditions allow, it will not be for sale. Where did I hear those words before? :)

Mike Bromley
May-21-2009, 8:00am
I have always wanted a mando with block inlays, and the abalone inlays on Dale's Greenie tie in nicely with the emerald green finish.

Block inlays gooooooood.

Keith Erickson
May-21-2009, 9:06am
What a beautiful mandolin!!!! ....and that's an awesome head stock to boot!!!! :cool:

Mar-18-2010, 5:31pm
thats 5ICK with a 5

Big Joe
Mar-19-2010, 6:04am
I remember "Greenie" very well. It certainly turned my head. I was at Dale's shop and house last year and he let me play his personal F5. That one is as good as it gets. I have played few mandolins any better. I would loved to have talked him out of it, but that was not about to happen. Not only is Dale a great builder, he really cares about the product he builds. We often talk about different issues in building and finishing. He has a GREAT shop and I am envious of his space! In addition to all that, he and his wife are just wonderful people and great friends! Yeah Dale!!!