View Full Version : Adal #4

Andy Nichols
May-14-2009, 8:35pm
I just completed my fourth mandolin. This is my first A-5 (Stew Mac kit).

Kevin K
May-15-2009, 7:35am
Hey Mr. Andy, very nice looking mandolin there. What woods were used and how does it sound?
Headstock part looks nice as does the fingerboard extension, very classy.

May-15-2009, 4:07pm
That's a fine looking mandolin!


Aug-19-2009, 11:00am
Andy, I just found this post, that is a fine looking mandolin! It must sound pretty good because I have seen it a lot in posted photos of yalls. `G.B.

Skip Kelley
Aug-20-2009, 6:26am
Andy, That is a nice looking mandolin!! Nice work!