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May-14-2009, 5:41pm

I have an A-00 flatback, with F-holes which I believe was only made for a very limited period. I think that the production run was even less that 2 years in total.

I'm just wondering if somebody has any idea how many of these were made?

thanks in advance:)

May-14-2009, 11:30pm
Here's the Vintage Guitars summary on the A-00:

Model: A-00 Mandolin
Available: 1933 to 1943

1933 A-00 specs:
Symmetrical body, oval sound hole, carved top, flat black, non-adjustable ebony bridge, pickguard glued to top, bound top, ebony fingerboard, dot inlays, "The Gibson" peghead logo, brown sunburst finish.
1934 A-00 specs:
"F" holes, elevated pickguard, clamshell tailpiece, "Gibson" peghead logo.
1936 A-00 specs:
Carved back.
1939 A-00 specs:
Adjustable bridge, single bound top and back, sunburst finish.
A-00 discontinued 1943.

While Vintage Guitars has fairly comprehensive tables of total numbers shipped for Gibson guitars, it doesn't post one for mandolins.

May-15-2009, 5:17am
thanks for the reply.
I believe that this mandolin was the cheapest Gibson on offer at the time.
I assume from the limited production run, that the 1934/5 model
wasn't a great seller.
I'm trying to establish if this is a rare model or not?

May-15-2009, 7:35am
It's not that rare. They are available quite often.

May-15-2009, 9:35am
I've got one. You don't hear about 'em much because they're not the greatest looking or sounding instruments Gibson had to offer. Which is not to say that I'm not happy and proud to own this, the only instrument I have with provenance (used to belong to Mindy Jostyn), nor that I didn't get a lot of use out of it winter before last, playing in the seasonal Cajun/bluegrass/country band. But when I got my 1917 A, it sounded so much better - fuller, richer, more complex - I put it right to work that very day, even with old strings on it. I suppose I would consider this my beater, though I don't really ascribe to that philosophy.

Since it doesn't have a label for definitive dating, I call mine a 1935 for numerological reasons. Good luck with finding production figures. Gibson has a history of iffy records-keeping practices.

May-23-2009, 6:08am
I played one of these a while back and did not like the sound. I believe it was limited to this particular mandolin an could be corrected, but I played an Army Navy at the same time and prefered it. The A-00 is still in the store and I believe overpriced. at another time (before this) I played an oval holed flat back Gibson which was very nice.