View Full Version : Pic not showing?

Al Bergstein
May-12-2009, 9:02am
I posted a picture with my profile but I don't ever see it, though I see others pictures, is that just a feature of the software or is my photo somehow unusable?

Bill Snyder
May-12-2009, 9:33am
Picture of a tuning fork? It shows fine. You just have to look at your profile.
For an avatar (picture that shows under your name when you post) you have to got to the Edit Avatar settings and upload the photo there. It is different than a profile picture.

May-12-2009, 9:40am
You may also be wanting to use that as an avatar (photo next to every post you make on the boards) You can set that by clicking on the User CP near the top left of this page, then selecting the Edit Avatar on the left column under the Settings & Options section and following the instructions there.