View Full Version : New Jade Oval Hole

May-11-2009, 7:35pm
Here it is. My new Jade oval hole beauty :) It's only my second mandolin & I am very happy to say the least. After playing it for only two weeks I can hear it begin to open up very nicely.

I did take it to my local setup man and had him make a new bone nut with slightly wider string spacing & he did a fantastic job.

Ed Dye recommended that I try to get used to it the way it was but my fat fingers need all the room they can get.

I think it's a keeper:mandosmiley:

Barb Friedland
May-11-2009, 7:38pm
Looks like a beauty all right. How does it sound? Can you post a recording?

May-11-2009, 8:29pm
I came very close to getting one of those that Ed had not that long ago but someone beat me to the oval hole one he had. It might have been you. Congrats on your oval hole. It looks pretty nice. I really like the color of the burst. Sort of like an old Gibson color a little.

Jill McAuley
May-11-2009, 10:49pm
Nice looking mandolin - congrats and enjoy!


May-12-2009, 9:15am
I will soon record & post a small example so you all can hear how it sounds. My playing is not going to floor anyone but I should be able to represent it's tone well enough.

And the tone? Being a newbie player I feel I'm barely qualified to judge, but I've played guitar for years & know good guitar tone & I think it crosses over to the mandolin fairly well. Anyhow, the loudness & sustain of this Jade are impressive. It's not at all thin or wimpy sounding (to my ears) There's some complex overtones going on when I play chords and single notes sound full through out the range that I play in. The top end is not shrill and the bottom never gets tubby sounding.

I've played some new Weber's, Larrivee's, Eastman's, etc. I think it sounds "better" than the several Eastman's I've tried and compares well to the Weber's and Larrivee's.

The fit & finish are good, but not as exceptional as what you'd find with any Collings instrument. It looks just like what it is, a fine instrument made by human hands & not cranked out in a factory environment.

I don't know if it's got a loud enough chop for BG playing but I'm more into slow & melodic playing & can't ever see myself being able to crank out a quality BG jam so for me that's not an issue.

Stay tuned, I'll try to get a recording posted soon so ya'll can hear what a good mandolin played by a sausage fingered newbie sounds like ;)

Tripp Johnson
May-12-2009, 10:19am
Very nice looking.

Jason Kessler
May-12-2009, 10:30am
Very pretty. Nice, subtle burst.

Needs a dark arm rest, though. One man's opinion...