View Full Version : 2 point carver

May-09-2009, 12:40am
went over to a freinds house to look at couple of mandolins he had just received. when he handed me this and said this was meant to be yours. well that's what i told the wife.:)) Chris did a heck of a job on this one. he got it right

Skip Kelley
May-09-2009, 6:32am
That is a sweet looking mandolin! The black top is really set off nicely by the side and back coloring!

May-09-2009, 7:15am
Chris has a knack for making a great sounding mando. He built me a blackface A5 (#6). It's such a strong and alive instrument.

Jessbo it will just get better...


Christopher Standridge
Jun-04-2009, 6:42pm
Hey, I remember that one!!
How is she sounding?

Jun-04-2009, 7:42pm
Looks very nice. Are you gonna get a custom TRC for it?


Jun-04-2009, 10:36pm
well i really haven't played her much in the last couple of weeks sence that collings mt followed me home from that guitar show in chicago. so i just dug her out. and she still sounds as good as before the show. good and tubby. at times it sounds like i'm beating on a hollow log. one thing is for sure she's not going anywhere any time soon!