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gerry fischer
May-08-2009, 7:25am
hello - i am a newbie
i am guitar player but grew much love for mandolins.
i bought a gibson f9 from 2004. i will get the f9 in 3 weeks.
it comes with the travel hard softcase but i would like to get a nice
hardshell case in 1920 style. i found out that the masterbuilt gibson f5 come with a loar style case, but like even more a paganoni case.
pls let me know your opinion about the gibson case compared to the paganoni case. where can i get a paganoni case - does he have a website or shop? how much is the price for such a case. would the f9 fit in such a case?


Mike Crocker
May-08-2009, 7:27am
Nice. All that's left is to play the heck out of it. Every F9 and A9 I've played have been great.

Peace, Mooh.

Skip Kelley
May-08-2009, 7:47am
Gerry, Welcome to the Cafe'! The F9 is a nice sounding mandolin!

May-08-2009, 7:52am
I don't know the answers to your case questions, but I am impressed with your new mandolin. I've played 4 F9s, and each one sounded great. I really like the look of it too.

Congratulations! (You're going to be obsessing about where it is for the next 3 weeks. Hope it gets there faster.)

May-08-2009, 8:47am
You might end up with a case that's worth more than your mandolin. There is a thread that discusses these cases listed below:

Paganoni cases (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?p=592585)

Take a look at the replica Loar cases sold by Roger Siminoff:

Replica Loar Case (http://www.siminoff.net/parts/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=47&products_id=339)

Bernie Daniel
May-08-2009, 9:02am
Congratulations on a fine mandolin!

The Gibson F-9 is built by the same folks who build the Gibson F-5 Fern and also the same construction is used.

The F-9 and the F-5 Fern are identical except for the staining, finish, the binding and the inlay. (Ferns do use ebony and gold instead of rosewood and nickel).

Therefore ANY case that will fit an F-5G, F-5 Fern, F-5 signature model, or even Master Model will work for your F-9.

I would say heed Mike Edgerton's advice -- why buy a $300 - $500 case for that mandolin? Get a good solid TKL PROFESSIONAL Mandolin Case (they make them both formed and oblong as you prefer) and you can get a new one for about $100 - $125.

They will protect your mandolin and you will not be taking a loss if you sell the F-9 --because you will not get much "credit" for the case.

Happy picking and join the Gibson owners social group :)

gerry fischer
May-08-2009, 11:19am
hi folks - thank you for your friendly welcome replies. actually i need no case because the f9 will come with the hard/soft case with built in hygrometer. i saw that case already with some f9.

nevertheless i could imagine to see my f9 in a nice hardshell case. i also saw a gibson master model case in green. are those cases nice too?

is this a gibson master model case? (see photo)


May-08-2009, 1:55pm
Congrats on your '04 F9. You won't be disapointed. I had a '04 F9 and kinda miss it! Mine was the chocolate brown color and a real cannon. It also had the rare "for them" mop dot enlays on the fretboard. I'm pretty sure the F9 has an ebony fretboard & bridge too. A very quality instrument IMHO. That looks like a Master Model case too. Never had one but heard that they were GREAT! They sure look good.

May-08-2009, 2:02pm
That's a Travelite case with the hygrometer.

I'm not sure about the other case.