View Full Version : Anyone else own a Hohner?

Patrick Market
May-04-2009, 12:14am
I upgraded recently (Thursday) from my old beater, based in part on advice from this forum. (Again, many thanks to those who responded.) After several months of looking and a hard look at the bank account, I bought a Hohner. No regrets.

The sound is rich and the sustain is impressive.

Jason Kessler
May-04-2009, 7:40am
Looks very nice, Patrick. Congratulations.

Patrick Market
May-04-2009, 12:22pm
Thanks, Jason.

It's not in the realm of so many of the hand made beauties that dominate this forum, but the improvement over my previous mando is vast. The neck is much more narrow, and the action is better. Playing should be playing, not working.

May-04-2009, 1:12pm
looks good to me -I like the fret markers

May-04-2009, 2:07pm
you can get them here in europe - yours looks up to speed - sound samples would be nice.

Patrick Market
May-04-2009, 11:23pm
you can get them here in europe - yours looks up to speed - sound samples would be nice.

A fair request. I have attached two MP3s of simple tunes, one picking and one strumming. My mando skills are modest, and my recording skills are less than (I had to boost the volume to hear the playback).

As such, I hope I haven't done you all (and the mando) a disservice. :(

May-05-2009, 2:50am
sounds good. do you now where it was made?

May-05-2009, 3:05am
..... I do.

Patrick Market
May-05-2009, 8:34am
sounds good. do you now where it was made?

The fellow at my music store said Pacific rim. Korea, as I understand.

It had the right sound and the right feel in the price range I targeted.

Mark Walker
May-05-2009, 2:23pm
Patrick - spiffy-looking mandolin. I actually own a Hohner too - a Hohner HG320 flat-top dreadnaught guitar, which is a knock-off of the Martin D-35. (It's post number 607 in this 'Groupings' thread. (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7322&page=25))

It's got a killer tone, and I've never had any inclination to replace it with a 'real' Martin since I bought it brand-new in 1977.

Never seen a Hohner mandolin in person, though I've seen a few here and there online.

Congrats! Glad you love the way yours looks, plays and sounds! :)

May-05-2009, 2:53pm
I bought one in January of 08, as my first mandolin. Mine cost all of $150, was a laminate in red, an accoustic-electric, and played just fine (for that ilk), especially for the money. A couple of pros I know were surprised. Served me well for awhile, until I develop MAS, and got an Eastman. I've loaned the Hohner to my 20 something nephew, who's wailing away on it with youthful vigor. :mandosmiley:

I do want it back someday!