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Mandolin Architect
May-02-2009, 12:29pm
Hello , my name is Jonathan McClanahan and this is my Trinity F-5 model. I am new to mandolin cafe and I am interested in speaking with you all and letting you now a little about me. This mandolin is new but it has what I call my 30 year age on it.

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May-02-2009, 1:02pm
Super Job, Jonathan! Great to see you here on the Cafe! Great photos, too. It's obvious to tell that Jonanthan has been building for some time. He comes by the shop from time to time, sniffing out misc. chunks of wood, and what-not. Always a pleasure.

I'll say one thing, though. If I had a mandolin for 30 years, it wouldn't look this nice. In my hands, this would be more like a "30 Day" age...

Mandolin Architect
May-02-2009, 1:09pm
Hey Steve !!!!!!!! How are you ! Good to hear from you ! God Bless ! Jonathan

Skip Kelley
May-04-2009, 6:26am
Jonathan, Nice looking mandolin! I love your sunburst!

May-04-2009, 8:56am
Dude! That herringbone binding is superb.

Tracy Tucker
May-04-2009, 8:59am
Absolutely beautiful! Love the color and the binding is fantastic.

Ted Eschliman
May-04-2009, 10:24am
You would all enjoy a special six-minute video on the work of Jonathan McClanahan. His four very distinct models, "Witness", "Descending Dove," "Via Dolorosa," "Trinity" are all a deep and profound profession of his faith, beautifully illustrated in a Nashville Public Television "Crossroads" documentary posted online at the WNPT.org website.

Also on YouTube:

Jim DeSalvio
May-04-2009, 10:48am

Really nice work. The purfle is unique and the "30 year aging" is very cool. I watched the imbedded You Tube video.

May-04-2009, 3:41pm
Impressive Craftsman..............That is fantastic work, I really enjoyed the video, wow.

May-04-2009, 7:36pm
What a good, humble man is Mr. McClanahan. He has my respect. I had not heard of him until now. Nice mandolins too - I love the purfling touches. Thank's for sharing the vid.

Oh, and Mr. McClanahan, since you started the thread... Beautiful work. I wish you much success.

Keith Newell
May-04-2009, 11:53pm
Good job Jonathan. I like the part where your not ashamed to say it's made in a shed. It is the final product that counts, not the surroundings.

May-05-2009, 8:26am
My three McClanahan's (hey, wasn't that an old TV show?)

left- "Via Delarosa"
center- "Witness" two point
right- "Decending Dove"

All three have extraordinary voices. Jon's a great man to deal with and even split shipping cost with me on a minor warranty issue.


Skip Kelley
May-06-2009, 4:20pm
Ted, Thanks for sharing the video!! I'd love to meet Jonathan someday! You can tell he is one fine gentleman!

May-06-2009, 4:44pm
Very nice! I would love to see her in person.

Bernie Daniel
May-06-2009, 6:37pm
Those are incredibly wonderful insturments! Beautiful. I can't imagine how he does it in that small building -- I'd say Johathan, in additon to his obvious luthiery skills must also be a study in efficiency of space and motion to do that.

I really like those headstocks on the Delarosa and the Dove. Its fresh. I first saw one on eBay a couple of years ago and admired it there. Ir reminds me somehow the hat of a nobelman or a church prelate of the 16th centruy.

The only thing that would worry me about it is that horn seems very "vulerable" sticking out that far from the mainbody of the headstock.


Mandolin Architect
May-06-2009, 10:02pm
Hello Everybody ! This is Jonathan . Thank you so much for your feedback ! Also check out my other mandolins and engraving in my mando cafe Album!!!!!!!! God Bless ! Jonathan McClanahan

Mandolin Architect
May-06-2009, 10:07pm
I have a question ! How do I get a picture in place of my Registered user name on this thread ????

Bill Snyder
May-06-2009, 10:52pm
Jonathan, that is an avatar and starting near the top, left corner you will see a bunch of blue links. There is one called USER CP. Click it then scroll down on the left side to the link called Edit Avatar and click it. Go to the area that lets you link to one at your website or upload one from your computer. I think you will be able to figure it out from there.
Beautiful instruments and a great statement you seek to make in the building of them.

Ivan Kelsall
May-07-2009, 1:22am
Jonathan - one of our fellow Cafe members,the esteemed Mr J.McGann, plays a J.R.Zeidler Mandolin.I once expressed the opinion on here,that they were the most 'elegant' Mandolins i've ever seen & i still think that - UNTIL !! - i saw the photos of your Mandolin above. I'm totally blown away by the lines & sheer elegance of it,quite the most stunning instrument i've seen in a long time,& there have been many awesome instruments on here.Truly beautiful in every respect & i'm heading for an unrequited spell of MAS,

Jun-01-2009, 10:52pm
Hey Jon, welcome to the cafe. Do you make any oval hole mandolins?

Mandolin Architect
Jun-08-2009, 3:31pm
Hello ! Yes I build oval hole mandolins also ! Thanks , Jonathan McClanahan

Jun-08-2009, 3:40pm
Hey John, is this the one you had at SPBGMA? that one was awesome! Welcome to the cafe.

Mandolin Architect
Jun-09-2009, 3:37pm
Yep ! This is it ! She's a beauty ! It sounds better than it looks to !!!!!!!

Jun-11-2009, 11:05pm
I've played 2 of Bill D's McClanahans, and I can witness to the fact that they are extraordinary instruments. I'm trying very hard to be cured of MAS or I'd be giving Jon a call. Among the best mandos I've heard anywhere.
-Joe Hannabach

Ivan Kelsall
Jun-12-2009, 12:48am
All i can say other than what i said in my previous post,is that at the price Jonathan is asking,this Mandolin is almost a gift. Truthfully,if i was still in work,i'd have got a bank loan & flown out to Goodlettsville to pick it up, - personally,i think it's THAT good !. Currently a Weber 'Fern' like mine costs $7,626 US,Jonathan's gorgeous instrument costs $3,126 US less. Even with the airfare & a couple of nights sleep-over,it would still cost less than my Fern. That's one superb Mandolin begging for a very lucky owner,
Ivan ;)