View Full Version : Weber Custom Elite

May-01-2009, 7:22am
Just arrived..

May-01-2009, 7:23am
by far one of the coolest looking mandolins I've ever seen

Chris Biorkman
May-02-2009, 12:45am
How does she sound?

Ivan Kelsall
May-02-2009, 1:05am
At first glance i thought "YUK" !!!! - 'Distressed' i like, 'worn out' i don't. But the more i looked at it,the more i began to appreciate the subtle shading. It reminds me as much as any Mandolin i can think of,of Bill Monroe's Loar,with it's almost 'washed out' appearance. I'm sure it sounds nice too Trevor,a nice addition to your stock & i hope it finds a good home soon,

Don Grieser
May-02-2009, 3:32pm
It does have the "Bill's Loar" vibe; it just needs to have 100,000 string ends poked into the headstock--that looks too pristine compared to the rest of it.

Skip Kelley
May-04-2009, 6:27am
Nice wood in that one!