View Full Version : lui pazzo di lei

Apr-29-2009, 4:40am
"lui pazzo di lei" - by biagio antonacci - another blast from the past; new (to me) performed here with sabrina and marco:



Bertram Henze
Apr-30-2009, 6:47am
I like those arpeggios with the fast upstoke.

Italy seems to have a tradition of female singers with sabbia in their voice. Reminds me of that one of my favourites (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHSRfBTbWcA).

This one could be a superstar as well, but she'd have to work on her intonation.


Apr-30-2009, 9:03am
"la" ruggiero! she can sing - i've got goose bumps.

marco's guitar work is perfect for me - understated yet comprehensive. what i like about sabrina's voice is her sincerity. her intonation is rough; some notes go astray and both their pronunciation is terrible - on a par with mine, singing in italian - but it's obvious they believe in the music ... they ain't kidding.

Jake Wildwood
Apr-30-2009, 12:25pm
I like!