View Full Version : Latest Silverangel econo

Apr-23-2009, 7:04pm
here's another one just out of the shop. I'll have it at MerlFest Saturday, along with an econodistressed and an F..........

Apr-23-2009, 7:25pm
Thank goodness it's not a varnished one or I might have MAS again.:grin:

Apr-23-2009, 8:08pm
Beautiful looking Instrument Ken! Have fun at Merlefest!

Life Is Good
Apr-23-2009, 8:12pm
Looks Mighty Fine, Ken! Is that the wide neck version? It looks like it will play very easily... have a great weekend!

Apr-23-2009, 9:29pm
It'a 1 3/16ths at the nut I believe. Does play easy.

John M. Riley
Apr-23-2009, 10:00pm
Yup I reckon thats mine

Patrick Sylvest
Apr-24-2009, 2:22pm
Congrats John! She's a looker! Pardon my forthrightness, but do you need another mandolin? You've got quite a stable going there! (I know, what's need got to do with it?) :))

I wonder how many left until my build.........no hurry, no hurry. An artist must be given his space in which to create. Patience....:whistling:

Enjoy Merlefest Ken. I wish I was going.:(

Skip Kelley
Apr-24-2009, 2:27pm
That's nice, Ken! I love that burst!! Wish I wasn't working this weekend:(

Scotti Adams
Apr-24-2009, 3:05pm
That looks real sweet. Somebodys lucky.

John M. Riley
Apr-26-2009, 1:38pm
Ken brought the mandolin by today. Its killer... love it! He had 2 other nice ones with him also. Thanks again Ken.

Apr-27-2009, 8:00am
Sounds like these can be hard to get - but one more question for Ken or owners. What's the standard fingerboard width at the nut?

Jim DeSalvio
Apr-27-2009, 8:13am
As an owner, I believe it is 1 1/8 at the nut. Ken also offers a wider nut width if requested.

I love my econo mando!

Mark Walker
Apr-27-2009, 10:38am
Yup - Ken will make the width at the nut to your specifications. Mine is 1-3/16" and I love it!

Ken - another beauty. I keep saying "Keep up the great work" but it's obvious I don't have to say that! :)

Apr-29-2009, 6:03pm
I like 1 1/8th at the nut, but I'll make any width, no more work to make a wide one than a narrow one.

Michael Hunter
Apr-29-2009, 6:56pm
I'll chime in here as well. I've had my Silverangel econo for about a week now, and I couldn't be happier. The tone and playability are just stunning. Seriously - if you're thinking of buying a new mando, there's no better deal than this out there now, unless you prefer a flat-top along the lines of the new Pomeroys and Arches. $10,000 tone at a 10th the price.