View Full Version : a good pedal?

Aug-07-2004, 1:10am
Yeah I wanted to get a pedal to use for a punk rock style. I was first thinking of getting a single one (like grunge, death metal,etc.)those types. but I hered its better to by the multi effect pedals. I just bought a GFX-5 for 200 bucks. It has all these great stuff but i dunno if it was worth it because i didn't get the sound i wanted. It has all this reverb stuff are those good? I was thining i should buy a grunge pedal and just hook it up to the board. I really don't know what reverb and all those stuff is. Can someone explain or gimme a site?


steve in tampa
Aug-07-2004, 5:54am
Lots of pedal info at http://www.pedalgeek.com

I would suggest that you determine what type of pickup you have in your instrument. Magnetic and piezo types sound very different through different effects.

If you can, try before you buy at the local music store.

London Al
Aug-07-2004, 6:38pm
When I started playing punk rock in 1976, grunge,death metal and multi fx pedals had not been invented.
However we did have lots of enthusiasm, which helped us have fun in the face of adversity.
Thats what you need to play punk rock, not fancy fx units.
(If you cant play really loud you need a simple fuzz box of some description)
These days I use a boss blues driver pedal when our band plays a punk rock number.
Oh and by the way, consider this: if you start playing proper punk rock gigs the multi fx pedal just wont survive!
They can't kill the spirit