View Full Version : DAEB Tuning on Tennor?

Apr-21-2009, 11:14am
Hi. I've got my Ozark Tenor retuned to GDAE (from it's original CGDA). It sounds pretty good, but I'm thinking about trying DAEB tuning instead. Do you think if I put the original CGDA strings back on, would it work to just tune them all up one full step do DAEB, or will I break strings?



Apr-21-2009, 3:41pm
The .010 gets pretty tight when tuned to A. Not sure how long it will last at B.

This is why God made capos. I often play with one at the second fret.

Martin Jonas
Apr-22-2009, 4:25am
Your Ozark has a 21" scale length. Most tenor guitars have a 23" scale length. Your missing two inches are pretty much the equivalent of a capo on the second fret. In other words, if you use strings designed for CGDA tuning on a 23" instrument, you should be roughly OK on the Ozark with going one full step up.

I can't remember what gauges Ozark supplies from the factory, but I don't think they were particularly good strings, so I suggest you just get a stock CGDA tenor guitar set, like d'Addario J66.

If that feels like too much tension, do as Martin S. said and capo at the second fret.


Pete Martin
Apr-22-2009, 11:15am
Probably won't get a .010 up to B, it often is right at the breaking point at A. You get good a changing them FAST!

A number of us tenor players in the great NW have a sticker on our cases "Got .010's?" We are always running low.