View Full Version : Unlabeled Mandolin

Apr-19-2009, 2:40am
I am new to the cafe but I have visited enough to be hopeful someone here can help me identify this totally unlabeled mandolin. It is 23 inches long and the scale is 9 inches, it has a flat back (don't know the wood) and a bent top (I think spruce). In the last couple of weeks I have looked at every vintage mandolin picture I can find but I remain uncertain. Body shape and pickguard make me think Stromberg, binding maybe Ditson, tuner cover plate maybe Larson Mayflower or so many others. I would appreciate any help in identifying this interesting instrument.

Bill Snyder
Apr-19-2009, 8:53am
It looks like a Stromberg-Voisinet to me, but I am no expert on these old mandolins.
As to the scale length being 9" that is doubtful. It is bound to be at least 13" and perhaps as much as 13 7/8". Scale length is not the length of the fretboard but the length of the vibrating portion of the string. Measure from the nut to the 12th fret and double that and that would be the theoretical scale length.
Beautiful old mandolin BTW.

Apr-19-2009, 9:51am
Thanks Bill. That would make the scale 13". I appreciate your help.