View Full Version : Gibson #2623 (a guitar) on CL - Columbus, IN

Apr-16-2009, 10:23am
Wow, a guitar from Gibson's first year as a corporate entity:


Many Orville-ish features (back and neck are a single piece of wood, for example). Seller just wants to trade it for a playable instrument! Anyone in the Indianapolis area (Andrew J?) interested?

Apr-16-2009, 3:18pm
Its right down the street from me. I believe it is a 1905 Style 03, but it doesn't have the star and crescent on the headstock. He has an offer of $1500 for it, but was willing to let me have it for a little less since I was local. I declined as I don't know anything about it. He did say that it was unplayable in its current state and that the back had several cracks. I would be willing to help any cafe members out with the transaction, shipping etc if they were interested in it. Just email me.

Here is the listing with additional pictures.


Apr-16-2009, 8:16pm
$1500!! Isn't that high for it's condition? It looks pretty rough. There's one that appears to be in better shape that went for $1000 recently.