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Apr-15-2009, 8:09pm
I saw an ad on Craigslist for a Red Diamond mandolin at an amazing price. The seller says it is #66, which I have seen discussed elsewhere in the forums (broken peghead which has been repaired). Anyhow, I am not so worried about a broken peghead if is simply a cosmetic issue. I am a little uncertain, as the ad for the mandolin was in Craiglsist in New York City, the person selling claims to be in Florida, and the phone he gave me has an Atlanta area code.

Also a lot of the pictures seemed like stock photos, though he did send one with a view of the crack in the peghead, after I requested it.

Does anyone have any insight into this mandolin? Is it in good condition, etc? Is this a fraud, or is this the real deal, but for some reason a person with an Atlanta phone number who is in (or at least shipping from) Florida, decided to put the ad in the NYC craigslist -- but not in the Tampa Craigslist (I checked).

any insights would be most appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Apr-15-2009, 8:24pm
That is the one that just sold recently on ebay ..

I was looking serious at it but they wouldn't ship to Canada

Apr-15-2009, 8:26pm
i saw this same ad on the Dallas Craigslist. be careful......the pics look like an ebay auction that old railroad antiques was running. contact them. they may still have the mando there.

Apr-15-2009, 8:33pm
TNT , The pics I saw look just like those in the link you sent. I guess it is the same mando. Thanks.

Thanks for the advice Mandobar, somethings tells me to be careful as well. While I would just love to have a Red Diamond, if something seems to good to be true, maybe it is...

Apr-15-2009, 8:38pm
that mando belonged to john wesley lee. i believe simpson was selling it for him. those are mitch simpson's ebay auction pictures........sorry. at least you didn't fall for the trick.

Apr-15-2009, 8:53pm
Thanks -- looks like I will be staying away from this one then....