View Full Version : Five-string Mandocaster

Apr-15-2009, 3:44pm
Made this for a friend of mine whos a fiddle player but wants a mando to pick on to help his fiddle playing. Should be finished in a couple days. I got the drawings from a guy over on the Telecaster forum. He made one of these for the fiddle and mando player in Dwight Yokums band a few years back. This is the Blackguard mando? Thought ya'll might like to take a gander. I've had to make all the hardware, like the bridge, neck plate, and the control plate. I have cad drawing if anybody wants a PDF or dwg. let me know. Later and cheers

Apr-15-2009, 4:32pm
The fiddle/mando guy for Dwight Yoakam is Scott Joss and his 5-string is by Russ Cudney, correct?

Congratulations on making the hardware -- of course, if you want to save labor next time, folks here could point you to some sources.

Steve Perry
Apr-16-2009, 12:37pm
Nice!!!... Now, that's what I'm talking about! I like how you have the neck/body joint at the 14th fret instead of the 12th like most others do. It just makes it more look Tele-like to me. So, is this a only a one time deal for a buddy or are you planning on making more? And... please, more pictures when it's done.

Apr-16-2009, 2:31pm
Mr.mando thank you for the info. Russ his the guy who sent the drawings to me. Very nice fellow and over on the tele forum he shows the one he made for Scott.

Steve I plan on making some more, but I have a few other things to finish first after the mandocaster. I hope to be finished in a couple of days and I'll get some more pictures.