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Apr-15-2009, 2:51pm
I just got a Weber GOM (Guitar Octave Mandolin) or Octar (Octave Mandolin Guitar from Mandolin Bros. They were great to deal with. The first two pics are the packing box and the peanuts inside. Next was the GOM in the case, not yet taken out. Picture of the top. Picture of the front. Picture of the back (mahogany). Picture of the headstock back.
Hope you enjoy.

Apr-15-2009, 2:55pm
I forgot a picture of the front of the Headstock. Here you go.

Bob Wiegers
Apr-15-2009, 2:58pm
very nice!

I like the "dream fulfillment center" line on the box too :-)

Apr-15-2009, 2:59pm
Looks great. Did you order a bunch of strings too? :) You'll have to post a soundclip soon.


Jake Wildwood
Apr-15-2009, 3:07pm
Very very cool.

I used to have a Framus Gaucho guitar I modified to work as an octave mandolin, but I sold it a long time ago. It had a small "parlor" size body and a press-arched back...

Now seeing that Weber makes me desirous of the OM guitar tone again. :)

Apr-15-2009, 3:12pm
Jamie, what is your suggestion as far as strings go. I am a OM or GOM neophyte. The scale length is 23 1/2". Thanks in advance.

Apr-16-2009, 7:58pm
For those interested, I wrote a preliminary review of the Octar/GOM in the CBOM section. Very fun instrument.

Apr-16-2009, 8:42pm
Tony, I asked b/c in the photo with the box by the kitchen counter it looks like there's a pile of 8 sets of strings above the open drawer! I would ask Weber (http://www.soundtoearth.com/contact%20us.htm)what they recommend.


Apr-16-2009, 8:57pm
Those strings Jamie noticed were from an order of mandolin and mandola strings I just happened to received at the same time I got the GOM/Octar.

Daniel Nestlerode
Apr-20-2009, 6:42pm
Carrying that case around is like pumping iron! Make sure you alternate arms or you'll get scoliosis! :)

I have a friend who owns one. Great instrument. Cool as a swimmin' hole on a hot summer day. :cool:

BTW, Oc-Tar! sounds cooler than Gom. And you have to say it, "Oc-Tar!" Otherwise it won't work. :grin:



Apr-20-2009, 9:05pm
That case is a beast and dwarfs my Tippen case that is huge. Strange as the body of the Tippen, a dreadnought, is much bigger than the ooo like size Octar body.