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Feb-08-2004, 2:26am
I've been noticing over time that I'm having a harder time getting my Gibson A-1 to lock into tune and then stay in tune. #Are there any suggestions to maintenancing tuners? #This has been my main mandolin for years and I'm willing to replace the tuners and store the old ones. #What are my options for replacements?


John Flynn
Feb-08-2004, 8:43am
Every now and then, you will find someone selling vinatage Gibson machines on EBay or the Classifieds. You have to wonder, though if they would give you better results than what you have.

I would look at both Schallers and the high-end Grovers and see which one fits the best. They both run about $45 a set. You may or may not have to drill new mounting holes and/or install new bushings. Unless you find a set that goes on perfectly right out of the box, I would have a good luthier handle it.

If you wanted the real high-end, I understand you can get Waverly to make you a custom set that will fit perfectly for about $450.

Feb-08-2004, 9:20am
Make sure you take note of the position of the gear and drive position before you make a purchase. My '16 A-1 had tuners where the worm drive was below the gear whereas most new tuners have the worm drive above the gear. So you can't go out and get a new set of tuners without drilling new holes. There are tuners out there which are set up like the old Gibsons but I can't recall off hand, who makes them. Also, when I put new tuners on my A-1 (with the newer gear set up)with the knobs, being positioned a little closer to the top of the peaghead, made it impossible to fit the instrument into the original shaped case. I'm sure the luthiers here have all the exact information you need, I just wanted to warn you ahead of time of my experience. The new tuners make a work of difference, I must say!

Feb-08-2004, 7:07pm
The first thing that I would try would be to go to your local auto parts store and purchase a fine point lubrication tube. These allow you to place the lubricant in the slightest amount, with great precision. They have a point as fine as a needle and you can get the oil right where you want it without getting it all over the finish.
Give it a try before going down the other road. I have had great success with these, and my old tuners work just as good as my new ones.