View Full Version : Got 'r done, first build

Doug Edwards
Apr-14-2009, 3:34pm
My first from scratch. Paving the way for the next one in progress. I figured I'd make all my mistakes on this one so the second would be perfect.

Cedar top, cherry back & sides, maple neck.

I was pleasantly surprised at the tone.

Apr-14-2009, 3:47pm
Very Very nice. I'm impressed.


Jill McAuley
Apr-14-2009, 4:17pm
Wow, Doug, that looks lovely, well done!


Skip Kelley
Apr-14-2009, 4:34pm
Doug, very very nice!! And it sounds great too! Nice warm tone!!

Bob Andress
Apr-14-2009, 4:40pm
WoW!! Love it, Doug. Great Job. Nice lookin' points on that baby!
And who made that nifty little arm rest? ;)

Denny Gies
Apr-14-2009, 4:59pm
Beautiful mando, Doug. Way to go.

joshua collum
Apr-14-2009, 5:43pm
dang that's nice! you really busted that one out!

Rick Crenshaw
Apr-14-2009, 5:50pm
Congrats! Very nice indeed! Well played, sir, well played!

Apr-14-2009, 6:20pm
Nice sound and nice looking instrument. I like the reddish color. How was it finished and dyed?
Way to go!

Doug Edwards
Apr-14-2009, 6:26pm
Thanks for the comments. The Cafe has always been real supportive. Skip Kelly ought to get and award for being the most encourager.

Bill, I sealed the top with a spirit varnish & color, then air brushed the burst and finished with lacquer. My cheap air brush gave me fits by spitting about the time I was done. Then the compressor went out.

Apr-14-2009, 6:32pm
OOOOEEE Doug! That's purty...the color of fine wine! Sounds good too. Next one gonna be an F?

Spittin', sputterin' airbrushes are a pain but it doesn't seem to show on your finish!


Bob Wiegers
Apr-14-2009, 8:14pm
mmmmmmm, 2 point. very nice.

Apr-14-2009, 8:22pm
daaaaang it boyeeee--that baby's ate slap up with gorgeous! that color is just wondrous--love it!!

Apr-15-2009, 6:29am
Wow, that's your first? It's really lovely, congratulations on a job well done. Nicely photographed too!


Apr-16-2009, 9:59am
way to go Doug! Like my Grandpa would have said, "I'm proud for ya son". I'm impressed that you decided to go with non standard design(F5 being standard to me) and non standard woods. Never heard of a cherry back and sides before, very nice. I've always liked cedar topped mando's too. I'm also impressed by the balance, a lot of ovals don't have that strong of A and E course's compared to the D and G.

Well done.

Apr-16-2009, 6:06pm
Very nice work, Doug! Congrats!

Jake Wildwood
Apr-16-2009, 6:31pm
Hey, that's awesome! Looks like your hundredth build rather than your first!

I heartily approve of the cherry, by the way. I'm a big supporter of cherry in instruments... and it also has historical significance: I've worked on a couple of c.1880s/1890s bowlbacks that incorporated cherry in the bowl (with great tone) and also an incredible c.1900 guitar that had cherry sides & neck and was a cannon!

(I also love your finish. Sultry, almost.)

Apr-16-2009, 6:31pm
Yes, like the others have said, very impressive for a first build. Thanks for including a sound sample. The mandolin sounds great!

Apr-16-2009, 7:00pm
Very nice Doug. All those earlier projects have payed off in a great looking and sounding mandolin. Congratulations.


Doug Edwards
Apr-16-2009, 7:45pm
Very nice Doug. All those earlier projects have payed off in a great looking and sounding mandolin. Congratulations.


For sure. That little two point is mostly from scrap except for the neck. The top is actually a cut off 2 x 6 from my fence I built after we moved in. It pretty much rift sawn. After I got through with it on the band saw it was a pretty nice book match top and looked nicely quarter sawn. The curly cherry back and sides was from where I cut down a board to make one of my mandolin stands. I made the ebony bridge from leftover scrap. Similar to the Red Henry style.

I have learned so much the past four years, with only two trips to the ER. :) All the projects I've done have helped me develop new skills and prepare me for this. That's exactly what I planned to do. My full time hobby turned into a full time job with the armrests and such. The mandolin building is a new hobby. We'll see where that leads.

My second mandolin is also a Cedar top (beautiful tight grained with lots of silking) , but with maple sides and a one piece back. It will be a arch top F hole two point. Just about have the top and back carved out and the neck is roughed out. I also have the wood for a red spruce and maple F5.

Jim Kirkland
Apr-16-2009, 8:11pm
I like it, the color is about the same as the armrest that you did for me.

Stanley Cox
Apr-17-2009, 9:47am
Hey Doug, Fine job. That air brush spitting is probably caused from the water of the Guadalupe. You need the crystal clear water of the Brazos. :))
Keep up the good work.

Chuck Naill
Apr-17-2009, 11:09am
Exceptionally nice. :)

Apr-17-2009, 2:46pm
Beautiful Doug! I hope my first looks half that good.

Mike Crater
Apr-18-2009, 5:37pm
Go Doug!!!

Mark Walker
Apr-19-2009, 11:11am
Doug - been busy and haven't been on the cafe' for a bit - GREAT job on your first two-point! You've come a long way indeed in four years! Keep up the great work!
- Mark