View Full Version : My new Jade JF-18 #36

Apr-12-2009, 1:23am
Last wednesday I received my new mandolin. I bought a Jade mandolin and it's a real beauty. And, more important, the mandolin sounds great! I played a Morgan Monroe MMS3w for two years, but now, I finally know what a good mandolin should sound like.

Rob Powell
Apr-12-2009, 3:51am
Looks great!

Road Kill Boy
Apr-12-2009, 9:02pm
I just took delivery of a Jade "Sam" model and I have been having a great time with it. The finish needed some more buffing, but it sounds good and I think it is a steal for the price. It has a wide fingerboard and has a nice feel and is easy to play. Doesn't have sticker or serial number, which I find odd, but I can live with it.

Apr-13-2009, 11:19am
Congratulations! Great looking mando.