View Full Version : Left handed Weber Y2K on Ebay.

Justin Burrows
Apr-04-2009, 7:42pm
Hi everyone, I'm not the seller and I don't know the person, I just know it can be hard to find a good left handed instrument at a reasonable price. I think it's at 400 with no bids and BIN for 650, but no reserve.

It ends in 11 hours, hasn't been much interest in this one.


jim simpson
Apr-04-2009, 10:22pm
It looks like the bridge was in the wrong position for a long time and left a tan line.

Apr-05-2009, 8:43am
looks like somebody just tried to flip a righty into a lefty and did a poor job of it too

Justin Burrows
Apr-05-2009, 7:50pm
well, if there's no permanent damage and it wouldn't be too hard to fix, it looks like it'd still be a good buy for someone willing to tinker with it a bit. They list for 1130 or something like that. It was just re-listed, maybe there is something wrong with it with no bids at that price.