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Apr-02-2009, 4:50pm
After much looking and listening, and restraining myself for a LONG time,
I finally made the move.

Phoenix NeoClassical. Should be here tomorrow.

Hopefully I uploaded these photos from the store's Web site correctly.

And, no, I won't be sleeping tonight.40702



And Steve from "Acoustic Music Works" was a pleasure to work with.

Apr-02-2009, 7:41pm
Congratulations. I'm sure you'll love it.


Apr-03-2009, 5:47am
Thanks, Jamie.

First heard and played one at Mandolin Bros. 2 years ago, and always remembered it.

Then at the Carlo Aonzo workshop, one of the attendees had one. It cut through the other 25 instruments with a lovely, stirring tone.

Then I noticed that Acoustic Music Works got one in - seemed to be fate. Had to get rid of one mandolin and one guitar, but Steve was real easy to work with.

Should be here within 4 hours.

John Hill
Apr-03-2009, 6:22am
Very nice. I really, really like those NeoClassicals. I've never had the chance to hear one in person however.

Apr-03-2009, 6:25am
To my ears, it's an incredible sound.

I had spend a couple of hours playing everything at Mandolin Bros., and the Phoenix stood out clearly as the one for me. Put off getting it then. Didn't want to now.

Very rich, tons of sustain. Incredibly easy to play. Can't wait to sit a few hours with it this afternoon and get acquainted with it.

Always hard to let one go, but easier when you're getting a new one back!

Here's a link from Rolfe's page with some sound samples:

Apr-03-2009, 6:58am
I'm really happy for you, John. It's great to know what you want and be able to get it. A Phoenix is special. I love what you love about them: "very rich, tons of sustain. Incredibly easy to play." (I'll note that you also have volume, pop and percussion, if you ask for it.) Sometimes, when I play mine, I have to stop and laugh with delight--what a marvelous tone. Enjoy!

Apr-03-2009, 7:01am
Nice to hear that!

Thanks for the thoughts. Thankfully, I'm not working today so I can enjoy it for a while uninterrupted.

I'd also like to say that Rolfe is VERY helpful and patient in answering my questions about his instruments.

Brad Weiss
Apr-03-2009, 7:29pm
Rolfe is a gentleman and an artist. My Phoenix is still my go-to mandolin (though it has some steep competition!) The NeoClassical (mine is a Europa, 2005) plays like a dream and has a deep, bell-like tone. Like you, I played mine at Mando Bros, and it just jumped out at me. It still does!!

Apr-04-2009, 6:11am
VERY sweet!

Sweet tone and tune. That's the reason I made my decision.

And, again, the sustain . . . .