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Apr-01-2009, 2:00pm
I finished this one and had to turn it over to the new owner before I could get any pictures of it. Hopefully, I'll get some decent photos to add later, but for now I'm posting these snap shots, taken in a sunny parking lot with all the reflections and distractions that come with that sort of photography.

Apr-01-2009, 2:10pm
I'm posting these now because the one with the following serial number was finished before it (lacquer vs varnish accounting for the time difference) and I wanted to post them in the order of their serial numbers.

This is red spruce (not Adirondack or Adirondak (sic) ;) ), sugar (hard) maple, oil varnish, and Waverly tuners with pearl buttons and gold plating.

Apr-01-2009, 2:12pm

Apr-01-2009, 2:14pm
Beautiful, John. I'm sure the new owner is pleased!


Skip Kelley
Apr-01-2009, 2:22pm
Absolutely perfect as always! Very nice work, John!

Apr-01-2009, 2:29pm
I swear man, one day I'll have the money and I'm going to order an awesome "A" style from you.

You do incredible work!