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Mar-31-2009, 12:47pm
Hello folks,
Thought I would share some pics of my most recent....
Unfortunately, I am not the best photographer and the incredible 'holographic' quality I did not capture well. Nor the subtle burst on the back. Need to play with lighting a bit ;-)

Tried to keep finish tones fairly light and show off the spectacular woods!
Adirondack red spruce top and eastern red maple B/S/N (all from same log)
Finish is hand done oil varnish and elbow grease.
Client did not want any pick guard.
Triple bound celluloid.
Radiused and scalloped FB
Gold Schaller tuners
Tailpiece by Bill James....(THANKS, Bill!)
Pearl logo and TR cover (hand engraved)

Figured I would use links to save some bandwidth...but can post pics if better that way....just let me know!
Thanks for looking. BTW...I think the pics get better as you go. The first couple are a bit 'washed out'. So keep clicking! ;-)
Comments/questions welcome!


Full front

Full back

Grain/silking of top

Lower bout point

Lower bout….check grain patterns of top and curl on sides

Upper bout point and scalloped fingerboard



Back grain ….closeup


Neck …back of HS

Headstock….TR cover


Stephen Cagle
Mar-31-2009, 6:20pm
Hello mandomaniac (Tom). What a beautiful mandolin! I'm not kidding, that is my kind-of-mando! I have a couple of mando's and 1 being a 80' Mike Vanden that looks very similar to this one. Is this mando a bluegrass beast in sound? I'm sure it's gotta sound good with that Adi top. I think it looks GREAT.

Mar-31-2009, 6:36pm
Especially nice binding work.

Mar-31-2009, 8:21pm
Thank you for the kind words.....much appreciated!

In the hope that I might provide a bit better sense of the finish I attempted to achieve....I tried to snap a few more pics in the fading daylight. Not sure they are much better though. Frustrating to not do the instrument justice. Never passed Photography 101. Glad I build better than I photograph ;)
In any case, although still lacking, these are a bit less washed out.....



Once again, thanks for looking!

Mar-31-2009, 8:56pm
That is a great looking instrument...how does it sound? As good as it looks I bet. I know you made someone a happy camper:)

Bill Auld
Mar-31-2009, 9:06pm
Very, very nice job, Tom! Love the color - the back is gorgeous. Binding work is first-rate. A sound report when you have a chance ...

Mar-31-2009, 9:21pm
I really like it. You should be proud. Way to go!

Mar-31-2009, 9:33pm
Gorgeous....you really blended in the grain variation effectively in the burst; beautiful work.

Mar-31-2009, 11:38pm
stunning is the first thing that comes to mind--that color is wondersome!!

Chris Keth
Mar-31-2009, 11:46pm
mandomaniac, if you'd like a few tips on photographing your instruments, you can PM me. I'm a professional cinematographer and do a lot of still photography on the side.

Bill James
Apr-01-2009, 7:24am
Looks great Tom!

I was thinking you were going to have a nice instrument to play, then I noticed it's for a customer. Guess you'll have to build one for yourself!

Nice work!

Chuck Naill
Apr-01-2009, 9:06am
I love everything about it, Tom. Thank you for the photos.


Apr-01-2009, 1:22pm
Very nice! It's got a great "antique" look to it. Nice wood selection too. Mostly, I like the subtle burst on it.

Apr-02-2009, 6:28pm
wesome!! That scroll is very tight! How did you get in there to do finish work?

Luke C
Apr-02-2009, 7:00pm
Simply beautiful! I enjoyed your web site too, that Carved ArchJazz is pretty cool...

Apr-02-2009, 7:05pm
you guys on mars sure know how to make a beautiful looking instrument - you must be a very happy man.

really, very well done - complimenti! - bill*

Apr-02-2009, 8:37pm
Very nice indeed!


Apr-03-2009, 12:20pm
WOWZA!.... I certainly thank you folks for the very kind comments! As you might guess....it means a great deal to me when valued opinions acknowledge hard work. Pretty much like a proud parent right now.... :)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank PanaDP for his sharing some extremely helpful hints on photographing instruments (my skills as a photographer are obviously lacking) In fact, he has generously agreed to letting me post this info for others. So I will start a new thread ...Instrument Photography 101. Hope many folks can gain as much as I did. ...Thanks PanaDP!!

Mark Walker
Apr-03-2009, 3:22pm
Very, very nice! Great job on that mandolin! :)

Patrick Sylvest
Apr-03-2009, 3:52pm
Amazing work!