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Mar-29-2009, 2:08pm
There aren't a whole lot of Kettlers around so I thought it would be nice to see some of them. Join the Kettler Club today! :))

I've never heard a Kettler that didn't sound really good and everybody that's heard them holds them in high regard. :grin:

It's too bad Mr. Kettler stopped making them when he did...I think he'd be soaring with the big gun luthiers today if he was still building. ;)


Mar-29-2009, 2:11pm
Here's some other shots of #0134. :grin:

Mar-29-2009, 2:16pm
And a couple more shots of #0134...OK I'll stop already! :))


Mar-29-2009, 3:02pm
I don't know who corrected my boneheaded spelling error in the title of this thread but I thank you from the bottom of my heart. :grin:...leaving it as 'youe' would've driven me NUTS! :redface:


Mar-29-2009, 4:16pm
I've gotta admit, I've never heard of a Kettler (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=194), but they must be pretty nice.

Bill Van Liere
Mar-29-2009, 7:56pm
Last I knew, Rick Willey over by St. Joseph, MI had a nice Kettler A model.

Mar-31-2009, 7:27pm
Here are three shots of a Kettler I've been using since 1980, when I bought it at McCabe's Guitars on Pico in Santa Monica, CA. It's bound in maple, which they told me was a fairly common practice back in the 19th century.

It plays very easily and has a good sound. You can hear a bit of it on YouTube here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-PQBE3zUHo) or here, (w/ Gilles Apap) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpVeNtem5Yk) .

Or visit BlueGrassWest.com (http://www.bluegrasswest.com)

Mar-31-2009, 7:47pm
Pretty nice sounding mando there PFieldmann. Thanks for sharing that. :mandosmiley:

Apr-01-2009, 2:00am
I bought my first Kettler from the Blue Ridge Pickin' Parlor in 1982...it had the same finish as the Kettler (#0134) I have now but was serial #0133! I bet they were from the same batch. Anyway, I sold it to McCabes in 1991 when I stopped playing. :crying:

BTW Peter, your bass player Tom Lee and I were in a bluegrass band together in our youth. Went to the same high school. Haven't seen Tom in over 30 years! I'm sure I'll bump into him at Topanga or ? :grin:

I just recently became re-aquaited with the fella who played mandolin in our band...met him at the NBB concert last month. And I was also reaquainted with our b**jo picker via email. I was out of the BG picture for a long time! :mad:

Good to see you in the Cafe!


Bertram Henze
Apr-01-2009, 2:45am
I had one of these when I was younger - does that count? :grin:

Bertram (ducking and running)

Apr-01-2009, 8:33pm
Thanks, and glad you enjoyed the clips. There's more out there on YouTube under my name, including a clip where my old friend Mike Seeger is playing that mando...

Mark, Thank you. I'll say hi to Tom for you. Wonder what your band sounded like...


Apr-05-2009, 5:53am
Wow! 4 Days with no action...I toldya there aren't many around!...just Rick, Peter and me so far? :)) Oh, and I know a fellow I met at the Huck Finn Jubilee that has 2 of them. And a guy in Maine that plays one...saw him on Youtube. That means there are only a few hundred left out there to find. :))

Can you say scarce as hens' teeth? :grin:


jim simpson
Apr-05-2009, 8:17pm
Here's a shot of a friend of mine, John Catterall, from Philadelphia. He's holding a Kettler that I let get away. I bugged the previous owner to sell it to me and of course, when he was ready, I wasn't able to buy. I did however direct my friend to it. He's owned it for at least 10 years and loves it - incredible volume and tone.

Apr-06-2009, 1:02am
Say Jim, Is that a black face on that kettler or the typical dark coffee finish. :confused:


Apr-06-2009, 5:52pm
Here's the NW Bluegrass list's moderator Joe Ross and his Kettler....

jim simpson
Apr-06-2009, 8:28pm
Say Jim, Is that a black face on that kettler or the typical dark coffee finish. :confused:


It does look like a black face but it is the dark coffee finish.

May-01-2009, 11:19pm
My buddy John has owned his since 1978 or 79. http://i20.############/ivk5s2.jpg

May-01-2009, 11:23pm

Frank Russell
May-14-2009, 11:31am
I had a Kettler several years back and traded it at Buffalo Bros, I believe. It was incredible, but I had my heart set on a Collings. Don't have that anymore either! I've heard Peter Feldmann's Kettler many times, and between his excellent playing and that mandolin's voice, it's definitely one of my favorite mando sounds. Everything Peter plays sounds soulfull and just crammed full of old-time feeling and authenticity. Great stuff, and I spent several years looking for a mandolin that sounded like his. Frank

Oct-13-2009, 7:02am
Hi Frank,

Just noticed your comment. The check's in the mail . . . .