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Mar-28-2009, 10:54am
I am the proud owner of Mowry #40. Got it Monday and have been playing so much that I am losing sleep. Super happy with the sound and the ease of play. The sound is already loud and sweet and will still open up a lot.
The craftsmanship is stunning. It really is like holding a piece of perfection in your hands. Andrew Mowry has really got this luthier thing by the right end.

I haven't posted attachments before, so here goes. A few pics and a short sound file recorded on my iPod. I plan to record with the same setup every few months for comparison as the sound opens.

Andy makes his own bridges and they are impressive. Made sure to get a pic of the bridge.

Skip Kelley
Mar-28-2009, 1:39pm
Congratulations! That is one sweet looking mando! Andrew is one fine builder! Absolutely perfect!

Scott Austin
Mar-28-2009, 1:54pm
Wow ,what a beauty the bridge looks very interesting.Use superglue on those bleeding finger tips,;);)

Chuck Naill
Mar-28-2009, 5:42pm
Stunningly beautiful, PW.


Mar-29-2009, 5:46pm
Thanks--It's a real joy!

Jim Roberts
Mar-29-2009, 6:39pm
Papa...enjoy the heck out of your Mowry. Andrew is a dedicated, super builder and darn nice guy, too!

Cheryl Watson
Mar-29-2009, 7:34pm
Papa Whiskey,

Congrads! Your Mowry #40 is gorgeous!! Love that bridge--I'll bet the intonation is as good as it gets! Enjoy and get some sleep now!


Mar-30-2009, 4:04am
Papawhiskey, you are a lucky man...I love Andrews work and your new mando is stunning! :cool:

Did you play a radius board on your previous mando? :grin:


Mar-30-2009, 7:59am
Yes--I am a convert to the radiused fingerboard. I've played Gibson's (flat fingerboards) most of my playing life. Had a friend with a Givens and liked the radius on that fingerboard. Picked a Collings along the way and my conversion was complete. Now, radius is a must-have for me.
Other than how it feels to me, I don't really know the theoretical pros/cons of flat versus radius.
The fingerboard on the Mowry is butter.

Mar-30-2009, 2:15pm

Congratulations. Butter makes for some slick playing, and it's a real beauty too.

Jim DeSalvio
Mar-30-2009, 2:44pm
That is a beautiful, functional work of art! I would love to jump in line for one, but can't make the leap right now.

As time goes by, I really think his instruments will gain in value.

Congrats and enjoy!

Apr-01-2009, 2:28pm
Congrats from Mowry F5 #37 owner! A superb looking instrument and I'm certain the tone is excellent. Enjoy it!

Apr-03-2009, 8:07am
Thanks PhilTod! I am totally digging it. My last F5 was a Gibson and a great mandolin, but the Mowry really shows me why there is nothing like an instrument built in a small shop. In this case (no pun intended), with a single pair of hands.
I remember looking at your pics of #37. A beauty. Actually where my interest in a Mowry started.

Mar-30-2010, 5:09pm
certenly a beutiful instrument. Andrew is starting on mine now, and I can't wait.
But I was wondering did you get a 12" radius? I cant really figure out if I should get a 12" or 10".

Mar-30-2010, 9:36pm
Congrats! I'm more than a little jealous!

Mar-31-2010, 4:11am
Got soundclip?

Scotti Adams
Mar-31-2010, 7:07am
Very nice..congrats

Mar-31-2010, 7:39am

Mar-31-2010, 9:59am
Looks and sounds great! Hope you enjoy it for years to come!

Mar-31-2010, 10:01am
Got soundclip?

Right under the pics.:)

Mar-31-2010, 10:07am
Owning a new Mowry F5 definatly does not suck......

Congrats.....It sounds great.......looks awesome........



Kirk Albrecht
Mar-31-2010, 4:29pm
Wonderful! Congratulations on a superb mandolin!

Apr-01-2010, 3:23am
Right under the pics.:)

Thanks for the pointer. Sometimes you canīt see the forrest for the trees. (as Macbeth in Macbeth by Shakespeare)

So the mando just sounds as good as it looks. Fine mando.

Apr-01-2010, 3:42am
She sure is a beauty!

Apr-01-2010, 4:13am
Beautiful-looking mandolin! Mowry #10 owner here. It's an A model with a one-piece bridge. I like it so much I'm considering getting on his list for an F. Is yours red spruce or englemann?

Apr-01-2010, 4:16am
Got soundclip?

He posted one with the pics.

(oops, already covered. That's why I wish you could still delete your own posts)

Ivan Kelsall
Apr-01-2010, 4:25am
I'm constantly amazed by Andrew's instruments. I haven't see pics.of one that was anything other than perfect.You're lucky guy,but i suppose that you know that !. I'm very pleased for you,