View Full Version : in my lonely room

Mar-28-2009, 10:06am
"in my lonely room" a holland-dozier-holland song from motown, played on mandolin:


Mar-28-2009, 8:58pm
Bill that's Awesome man! Excellent job of adapting motown to mandolin! I believe you've been doing the Motown/mandolin thing for a while now correct? :grin:

You've tapped into a rich vein of excellent music...although I'm a dyed in the wool bluegrasser, the 'Motown Sound' is one of my favorite music genres...where did that great music ever go? :crying:

Keep up the good work! :cool:


Mar-28-2009, 9:23pm
That was lovely. Thanks.

Tim Pike
Mar-29-2009, 12:04am
Great job Bill!

Mar-29-2009, 1:55am
thank you(se) guys! these songs are fun to play - great chord progressions from yesteryear'.

- bill*

Mar-29-2009, 3:45pm
Another oldie but goodie....Bill they are all great...your voice is so mellow..perfect compliment to your mando playing...now when will you be appearing in Maryland?;)