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Mar-26-2009, 5:40pm
Here are a few pictures of my new mandolin built by Roger Skipper of McHenry MD. Each mando I have owned gets a little closer to the one that got away, and Roger pretty much nailed it with this one. Sitka top;x-braced;varnish finish;radius freboard;100% hide glue;bwb top bound;custom finger rest;redish brown color;allan tailpiece;Here are a few pics, sound bites,
and Rogers web site if you want to see more pics. www.skipperstrings.com


Charles E.
Mar-26-2009, 6:00pm
Very nice! What does the sculpted finger rest do for you? Give the pick clearance in the sweet spot?

Mar-27-2009, 2:31am
o LORD it's gorgeous--that color is stunning!! i could just drink it....

Mar-27-2009, 7:23am
It really is more of a finger rest. I dont like pick guards because they limit your range of attack. I dont't notice the rest and the mando top is protected. It floats about 3/16 from the surface and does not limit sound or tone. the sound clips were made with monels. I switched back to j-74 for the banjo killing season. This mando comes with optional hearing protection and an osha cetrificate..(just kidding) The mando tops I've scratched up..There's a potential thread..mando top fingerwear.. ~o)

Stephen Cagle
Mar-29-2009, 9:04am
Sharp mandolin! I have never heard of Skipper however it appears that he surely knows how to build one. Stephen

Mar-29-2009, 3:07pm
Roger has been building quality mandolins, guitars and banjos for musicians in his neck of the woods for years. Once a few get out, word should start to spread. Check out his web site......

Mar-31-2009, 3:37pm
I have seen and heard this mandolin, and many other Skipper mandolins! The pictures do not do this instrument justice. It is flawless, crisp in every detail, and a pleasure to look at, hold, play, and hear. Its big, big voice excels at bluegrass, jazz, swing--you name it. As a fellow owner of a Skipper (or two) I agree with this one's owner in recommending everything that Roger Skipper builds!

Mar-31-2009, 5:19pm
Yar, a hearty endorsement for the mandolins there.

It sure looks and sounds nice. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.