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Larry Simonson
Mar-26-2009, 4:21pm
Its been about 2years in the making and what I learned about building seems like a lot but I know there is so much more to learn. Anyone wanna give me a lesson on binding, I sure could use one. Anyhow, here it is: It is pretty much standard materials. The finish is alcohol based dyes and Minwax tung oil, many thin coats.

Avi Ziv
Mar-26-2009, 4:27pm
It's great Larry! Congratulations. Where did you get the plans or is it your own?
I am hoping my next one will be from scratch. Just finishing an iv kit now

Mar-26-2009, 5:03pm
Nice job, Larry.
Binding is a bear, isn't it? Make the router cuts shallow and make several of them to avoid tear out (if you're lucky). Then, flatten the ledges and sides with a chisel very carefully. Get the fit right before you even think of gluing. You'll still have problems. Improvise, call on the gods, imprecate, beg, and accept the fact that you're imperfect.

Jim MacDaniel
Mar-26-2009, 5:56pm
Nice work Larry -- and a symmetrical two-point at that, my favorite mandolin design of all time!

Mar-26-2009, 6:13pm
That looks pretty darn good to me. Next time you get ready to bind post a question in the builder section. Many great builders offer advice for materials, glues and good encouragement. You should be proud of what you've accomplished in this one, though.


Mar-26-2009, 6:30pm
there's two points i'd like to pick with you ... both of them excellent!

lovely looking mandolin - and it's all yours! complimenti!

- bill*

Mar-26-2009, 8:21pm
Congrats on your 1st. It looks excellent! Now that you've gotten your nerves broke in, you should go for number 2.
Your binding is probably much better than you realize. I know of a very reputable guitar maker, whose instruments still have small defects on the binding, after many years of experience. Got to remember that your's is handmade, and not out of some Chinese or other factory, with all the CNC machines, etc. etc.
Keep up the good work,

Mar-27-2009, 2:29am
i know you're just beside yourself with pride (as you should be)--so while you're there, pat yourself on the back.

Mar-27-2009, 3:56am
Beautiful--nice sunburst.

Skip Kelley
Mar-27-2009, 7:36am
Larry, very nice looking mandolin! Awesome two pointer!!

Bob Wiegers
Mar-27-2009, 7:48am
sweet! you're stoking my latent 2PAS. must. resist.

Mar-27-2009, 7:51am
Looks great, I'd say your a builder now!

Larry Simonson
Mar-27-2009, 1:37pm
Thank you all very much for all the kind words. Improziv, I basically followed Siminoff's pattern from his first edition, which I bought about 30 years ago, so you see this has been in my mind for some time. In retrospect, I wish I had gotten into this hobby back then so I would have the apparently necessary time to perfect my luthier skills, Boy wouldn't I like to hang out in one of cafe's established builder's workshops for a month or two. But it was a good thing to keep me busy in my retirement. It's Ducati time again after a long winter here in New England so starting number 2 may incubate in my mind for a while.