View Full Version : Mann 2 Point finished & on it's way!

Mar-26-2009, 2:42pm
Here are a few pictures of my new Mann 2 Point Flat Back...should be here Sat...Redwood top...cherry back .. 3 ply tortoise binding...I went with all satin finish .will take my own pictures and and let you know how it sounds when it arrives.




Mar-26-2009, 3:54pm
Very nice looking. Jon builds great instruments.

Jill McAuley
Mar-26-2009, 10:13pm
Looks great! Can't wait to hear you report back on what it sounds like!


Mar-27-2009, 2:20am
you must be absolutely beside yourself (tricky gig, that....)!! if it sounds as sweet as it looks.....can't wait to hear your reviews, maybe a sound clip or two? truly a beautiful piece of work--the redwood top and cherry back are just lovely. congrats!!:mandosmiley:

Mar-27-2009, 2:54pm
Thanks all...hope to have it delivered sometime on Sat.
will try to record a few clips to post and let you know how it sounds......but I am sure it will be sweet ...Jon has been great keeping in touch during the whole build...sending pictures and checking on final features.

Mar-27-2009, 2:55pm
I have been wanting a Mann two point for a while now...I can't wait to hear some sound clips and read your thoughts.

Jason Kessler
Mar-28-2009, 9:01am
Utterly beautiful...

Jim DeSalvio
Mar-28-2009, 9:21am
That is a very nice looking instrument. I will have to check out that builder. Congrats and enjoy.

Mar-28-2009, 7:02pm
It arrived today and well..the pictures don't do it justice....it is incredible...Jon is an outstanding builder and his workmanship is impeccable. sounds as good as it looks...I am very impressed...
I found Jon through this forum and I am glad I did. He communicates with you during the whole build process with pictures and input. Had a few house chores (new mailbox and lamppost install)to do today so tomorrow I will try to post some new pictures and a sound clip as soon as I can.
Again, thanks to Jon Mann for a great mandolin and buying experience.

Chuck Naill
Mar-28-2009, 7:19pm
i love the red wood top. Very nice instrument. Congratulations.