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Mar-25-2009, 8:35pm
I have an old 20's perhaps very early 30's Gibson style 2 uke with a 17 fret neck that has lost it's "the Gibson" logo. Anyone know where I could find one of those? I'd imagine it's a little smaller than the mandolin logo.

Mar-25-2009, 9:03pm
Sometimes you'll find "The Gibson" script style logos in pearl on ebay...don't know if they're real or knockoffs and there used to be a website that sold guitar decals, mainly electrics, but I did see "The Gibson" logo decals on there as well. :grin:

Sorry I don't recall the website name...just google "The Gibson"...worked for me...Since Gibson clamped down on their stuff (and rightly so IMHO) maybe they're unavailabe now...dunno? :))


Mar-25-2009, 9:21pm
You could make your own with a font like LOKICOLA.TTF availble free from many places. Those e-bay ones aren't real Gibson made ones... You could talk to Dave Harvey with Gibson OAI, too.


Mar-25-2009, 9:22pm
You have a PM.

Bill Snyder
Mar-25-2009, 10:20pm
While Gibson frowns on putting their logo on instruments they did not build I believe they will replace it for you on one they did build. Of course you will probably have to supply them with the ukulele for awhile.

Capt. E
Mar-26-2009, 4:36pm
Tom Ellis in Austin does all the pearl inlay for Gibson mandolins. Wonder what he would charge to put one on?


Mar-26-2009, 4:53pm
Inlaid would be nice, but not really practical or original to the instrument. I believe in the late 20's the logo was silkscreened, the uke-3 in my avatar is silkscreen, but I've seen a few that look like decal. So.. my search for a decal is still on. I did hear back from one seller of headstock decals that he found a 35mm "the Gibson" logo in his 'old' drawer, so maybe this guy has it. I did check with Mike E's source(thanks Mike!), and was offered an MOP, but I think it'll have to be out of my hands for a few weeks for something like that. I really prefer to keep it simple, it's ok without one too. Thanks gang, I appreciate you.