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Mar-25-2009, 10:39am
Here are some shots of my new Rally CFM-70 OV, discussed previously as the Hudson CFM-70 OV. I have also spotted these on sale under the Ozark and Ashbury brands in the UK.

Of course, I didn't think to run a duster over it before taking the pictures, so there are specks showing up all over the place!



Tha back is not book-matched, but has a nice depth of flame to the wood. When viewed in real life the join is a bit more obvious than in this shot...



This is a rather nice little mandolin actually, the tone is open and clear, and as a solid wood instrument should open up further with time. I have set it up myself, so it could play a little better than it does, but given the minimun of effort on my part I think it scores well on factory setup. Apart from a buzz at the 12th fret on the 'D' strings, everything else is minor, going on serious nit-picking! I still have 6 of the original strings on there too, so with a fresh set things should also improve. When I eventually take it to a professional tech he won't have to do much to tweak it into a very good player. There are a couple of flaws in the finish, mostly around the back of the headstock, but nothing I wouldn't expect for the price.

Mar-25-2009, 11:07am
These actually look pretty decent. I wonder why I'm not seeing anyone importing them into the US?

Mar-25-2009, 11:33am
wuuuuuuu ... very nice. i like the finish. please try to post some sound samples - i'd be very curious to compare yours to mine. congratulations - long life to you both.

- bill* (a-NOTHer happy hudson cfm 70 ov owner)

Mar-25-2009, 12:02pm
Manufactured where?

Mar-25-2009, 12:29pm
Manufactured where?

china - natch' - but andy has more specific information.

while you're waiting ... you might like to have a look here:


... i got mine from these people.

- bill*

Mar-25-2009, 12:32pm
I wonder why I'm not seeing anyone importing them into the US?

Yes, you would think that somebody might be. Even here they do come under lots of various brands- the guy I bought it from mentioned that Rally also build for Epiphone and Washburn, so it may be worth hunting around if you're keen. There are, unusually, no lists of distributors on their website, but I'll put a link to that at the bottom in case it is any use.

please try to post some sound samples

I will look into that- I have all the gear to record with, I've just never signed up to soundclick or anything similar. I really should, as there are all manner of things I should put up for various folks!

Manufactured where?

Most of the Rally instruments are made in Korea, but they also have a few models made in China- this is one of them.

The website has details of the whole range, and contact details for the folks in charge at http://www.straus.co.kr/

As you can probably tell, I like to do my research before buying stuff!!

*EDIT- Bill Ninja'd me while I was typing!*

Mar-25-2009, 2:04pm
*EDIT- Bill Ninja'd me while I was typing!*[/QUOTE]

... me as ninja ... that's a first!

in looking at the dae won's site (thanks, andy!) the dfm-300, F-style reminds me - in appearance, at least - of a fullerton gloucester:

Bill Snyder
Mar-25-2009, 7:24pm
You can upload an mp3 directly to the Mandolin Cafe now. No need for Soundclick or the like .

Mar-27-2009, 6:11am
Right you are. More forums should have that feature! I'll rustle something up.

I've just noticed that in the title to this thread I put 'A5' style, despite the florentine body outline (F) and oval hole (4).:redface: What was I thinking?

Apr-03-2009, 12:41pm
Right, finally got 'round to it!

I was going to do a nice stereo recording, but my matched pair of mics are off to be repaired. These short tracks were made through a large diaphragm mic, the sort usually used for vocals. I put up a couple of baffles so there is not too much in the way of room ambience here. I don't know if that makes for a better or worse comparison, but it is force of habit if nothing else!

For the sake of comparing I have left the audio completely without effects, no compression, limiting, reverb or whatever. You may also notice that I didn't really tune up very well either- it is a mix or the old strings and the new spring weather playing havoc. After the tenth session with an electronic tuner I gave up and just played as it was.;)

Apr-03-2009, 2:19pm
both of those sound really good, andy - well played. bright notes are bright and clear but i particularly love the mellow, old-timey, woody tremolo - ain't we lucky!

mega ciao - bill (formerly from battersea)

Apr-05-2009, 6:12pm
Thanks Bill, and yes, I think we chanced upon a good'un!

Battersea, you say? Just a short trip up Trinity Road and along the river from here.

Ciao, Andy

Apr-06-2009, 3:35am
ahhh! ... souff' lunnun - great place to be ... i don't miss the weather (or the traffic.)

do you get a chance to play your mandolin in public? do you know dave hanson's, u.k. site:


... i looked through the member's list but didn't see yours. i read they have meetings sometimes in london.

ta' - bill

Apr-08-2009, 3:53am
I haven't played mandolin out yet- I only got my first proper one a few weeks back! I'm quite busy playing guitar and/or bass, but if I ever start my own band (playing my own songs, that is) I have an image of playing mandolin and ukulele, perhaps even a bit of banjo, and having others to fill in guitar, bass, and percussion.

I have recorded some bits, once hiring an 'Army and Navy' style mandolin, and some songs just recently with the 'wrong' mando I had prior to the CFM-70.

I will keep an eye on the other forum- it seems a lot smaller than this one, but obviously more focussed on this country! Could be handy.