View Full Version : post a picture with your new hat

Charles E.
Mar-21-2009, 5:08pm
We had the annual St.Patrick's Day parade in Raleigh today. Beautiful weather and a great time with our band being pulled behind a 1951 John Deer tractor in the parade. The car belonged to the Amran Temple Hillbilly crew.

Charles E.
Mar-22-2009, 4:59pm
Here are two more from the parade, People have been responding more to the raccoon then the hat!

Mar-23-2009, 8:11pm
I think it's time to consolidate all these Mandolin Cafe Hat threads Hmm? I believe there at least 4 at last count...Mike? Jamie? Ted?...:))


Big Joe
Mar-25-2009, 8:22pm
Here's my favorite hat...with my favorite mandolin, my favorite pick, and my favorite mandolin shop :mandosmiley:

Mar-27-2009, 2:19am
Finally got my computer back from the Geek Squad. :grin:
I just love my new Mandolin Cafe ballcap(s) :))
Oh, and DUH! I finally got a digital camera that doesn't use floppy discs.:))

Ted Eschliman
Apr-04-2010, 9:50am

Dale Ludewig
Apr-04-2010, 12:22pm
Ted, that's a big ditch in the background......

B. T. Walker
Apr-04-2010, 10:30pm
Easter sunrise at the Grand Canyon is an experience your family will never forget. Way to display your hat!