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Mar-17-2009, 12:35am
I just got my Michael Kelly Legacy FS-E and so far, I am having a blast. It was a blem and after speaking with Dean Johnson, he suggested that I try the FSE. After a few shipping delays, I had it in my eager hands. From what I can tell the setup was done well, it will be looked at by my local tech; but I can't say it will need much of anything done to it.

I am still learning to play upside down (life long guitar player). I have already gone back to old recordings to add some pickin'. First off though, I will be taking some lessons, to build up a good base.




Glad to be here,

Bill Bensen

Jim DeSalvio
Mar-17-2009, 8:26am

Welcome! The mando looks great. Have fun with your new toy, and don't be a stranger in these parts.

Mar-17-2009, 9:17am
Welcome and enjoy your new mandolin! Happy picking to ya.


Bob Andress
Mar-17-2009, 9:31am
Welcome Ransome!
While the Kelly looks great, I think I spent more time looking at your ink. Nice.
Enjoy your new 8-string addiction!

Mar-17-2009, 9:35am
Congrats! That's the exact same thing I have, right down to the same case. I'd post pics of mine too, but heck, it looks just like yours.

I've only had mine a couple of months, and I'm already noticing the plating on the tailpiece is wearing thin - to the point where it doesn't really look gold any more. I don't really know how you could protect yours against that, but I'm just telling you as a heads-up.

Jill McAuley
Mar-17-2009, 10:20am
Enjoy that new mandolin, love the dobro tattoo by the way!


Mar-17-2009, 10:23am
nice ink

Mar-17-2009, 11:30am
Thanks for the welcome! I am stoked to be on this new adventure in sound.
The ink was done by Hannah Atchison of LA Ink fame, she is an amazing artist and captured my relic perfectly. I have a feeling there will be a Mando soon... it's beginning to get under my skin as well.


Steve Ostrander
Mar-17-2009, 11:58am
Now ya gotta get another tat to go with the Dobro (c).

Mar-17-2009, 12:39pm
Hey Ransome and Tobin Welcome aboard! :)

BTW Ransome, nice tats. If I was a tatoo kind of guy, I'd get one like the old Gibson label, you know the one with Orville and the Lyre...I think that would look cool. :cool:

Enjoy the journey...Mandolin picking is addictive so be prepared! :))


Jason Kindall
Mar-18-2009, 9:17am
From one inked newbie to another...

Nice mando...
Nice inkydink...


PS - I've found that sticking your tongue out just right helps you to mentally flip your chords. I'm in the same boat, friend. ;)


Mar-18-2009, 9:56am
Never had trouble with the chords being different as I'm kind of learning guitar/mando/banjo all together as I go...until a couple weeks ago when I was switching between guitar and mando from song to song while playing with a friend...tried to make a G-chop on guitar at least twice...hope that doesn't become a habit!

Welcome, and hope you continue to enjoy your new obsession!

Mar-18-2009, 10:14am
Ransome, I believe I saw you on the show LA Ink when you were getting that tat. I definitely remember the tat at least.

Mar-18-2009, 11:32am
Ransome, I believe I saw you on the show LA Ink when you were getting that tat. I definitely remember the tat at least.

Thanks, Lemmy and me on the same episode was a total highlight! Although we weren't in the shop at the same time. This last season was fully of people in Kiss makeup, too.


Mar-18-2009, 11:47am
Ransome, so you know what this means.....time to go back on the show and get the mando tat. Maybe Scott can join you and do a little promoting and get a "mandolin cafe" tat............:mandosmiley::whistling: