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Feb-07-2004, 5:27pm
I ran across one of these today... its not the student model, and not the artist model, so its the intermediate model and somebody autographed the label. It sounded nice-- not real powerful but sweet. Nice high end, not much bass. Oval sound hole, carved top and back, looked pretty similar in shape to the Vega Cyliderback that I was A/B'ing it with... I couldn't tell what kind of back and sides... I'm guessing maple? Could it be birch?

It seemed very well made-- the seller wanted $850 for it. Is this a good ball park price?

Any information on Bacon Mandolins would be a help... I found one thread here, and one helpful one over at the Co-Mando list serve.


Jim Garber
Feb-08-2004, 3:20pm
Here is a page from a Bacon catalog reprint. Not all that much info. There is a Professional Artist model also listed which looks about the same as this one but is prob a step or two fancier. Was it Wm. Place Jr. who signed the label of the one that you saw?

I have a 4-point 1921 Artist. I can't imagine a/bing with a Vega since they are competely different. The Bacon is closer to a Lyon & Healy carved #or even a roundhole Gibson than a Vega cylinder.

I had posted pictures of mine on that former thread here (http://www.mandolincafe.net/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=13;t=10569).

In answer to your question, that price seems all right to me. Depends on the condition. Hard to put a price on these since they are not exactly mainstream.


Feb-09-2004, 3:42pm
About 5 years ago I paid $525 for the lesser plain A-style, the Student maybe. This included a brand new case. Condition is excellent. Tone is as described above.