View Full Version : c.1920s Koa Mando All Done!

Jake Wildwood
Mar-11-2009, 3:52pm
Well, I'm pleased to report that my koa mando's back in action and ready for final setup! Some pics are here, the rest are here:


Jake Wildwood
Mar-11-2009, 4:11pm
BTW, here are some "before" photos.

Mar-11-2009, 4:52pm
Nice work!
I know you play, and play well, so how about sound clips of some of these old instruments you resuscitate?
Bill Hay

Jake Wildwood
Mar-11-2009, 4:55pm
Thanks! And yup, after I finish setting it up, I'll do a little video with it. :)

Mar-11-2009, 5:00pm
Sweet. I love that mandolin. I bet it has a wonderful voice. Good for old hymns and spirituals. Folky stuff...


Mar-11-2009, 6:29pm
i think you lead a charmed life, amico mio - well done.

if my airline of choice will allow it, i'd like to carry my "bobby henshaw," mahogany, baritone uke to you on my next visit to the states - probably in the fall - so that you can perform your wizardry on it ... agreed?

sometime subscriber, john kavanaugh ("classical" .. etc. section of the forum) has a sweet sounding, reconstituted "harmony" baritone that is absolute perfection. mine has a hairline crack in the face but - as is sometimes done - i'd like to transform it into a tenor guitar with a GDAE tuning.

interested? ...

- bill*

Mar-11-2009, 7:04pm
That's beutiful, man...

Mar-11-2009, 7:31pm
Very nice work, Jake, I admire your craft and your devotion to raising these Mando-Lazari. What type of finish did you use on the koa? It has a very nice soft lustre.



Jake Wildwood
Mar-11-2009, 9:50pm
Thanks for all the kudos!

Jamie: When I record the video it'll be right up that alley -- ran out of time today -- but yes -- perfect for folky stuff!

Bill K: Sounds fun!

Mick: I've been using Bartley's Gel Varnish lately. I like the stuff... you can get super thin coats very, very easily, and after 3-4 I buff the last one out and it's extremely thin but pretty tough.

Jake Wildwood
Mar-12-2009, 10:40am
Here are a couple of videos with the mando! First, a little improvisation on a tune of mine:

"Coventry Goose Fair"

Second, an old song of mine:

"Fair Departure"

Mar-12-2009, 11:33am
Thanks for the clips, Jake. Instrument sounds very nice as does your playing.
But, man, if you're going to be a star, you've got to quit cutting your own hair! :-)

Mar-12-2009, 11:40am
Excellent sounding and playing, Jake.


Jake Wildwood
Mar-12-2009, 11:46am
Thanks guys!

Bill: Bahaha! You caught me on that one! More's the truth, I need to comb it after coffee, rather than run about in the blustery wind gathering wood for the furnace!

Mar-14-2009, 10:12pm
A fine restoration, Jake. Really wonderful tone.

Mar-14-2009, 10:22pm
Sorry, Jake,
Couldn't resist.
You are a very talented person. Keep bringing these old ones back to life.