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Mar-10-2009, 11:56am
Hi there - I may be doing something wrong - or I may be expecting too much, but when I downloaded a few of the free mp3 downloads to my iTunes they downloaded, and I played them back once - but now they either come up as 'cannot find file'' or if I DO find the file only about 30 seconds worth has downloaded - is this what is supposed to happen, or have I done something wrong?

Appreciate any guidance, thanks.

oh, and hope I have posted this in the right place! Apols if not.

Mar-10-2009, 12:44pm
You're in the right place but you'll probably have to wait for an answer from Scott, I don't have iTunes loaded here.

Mar-10-2009, 7:24pm
It doesn't help you directly, but I can play the mp3 files when downloaded on my Linux box. Non-iTunes platform. Perhaps other mp3 players would work? Just a suggestion.


Mar-10-2009, 8:07pm
I think the song is being played once through I-tunes and isn't being added to your library so It can't be found later.

What I do is download the file to a folder specifically for my I-tunes downloads, X:\ITUNES\downloaded folder. Then I add the files to I tunes using the File >Add File to Library option. This incorporates the file into my library so I tunes can find it again. If I have several songs in the folder I'll use the Add Folder to Library option instead. Then, if necessary, I go into the Recently Added Playlist and edit the song info.

This is a nice way to add to your Grisman collection using dawgnet.com (http://www.dawgnet.com/)'s free daily download.

I hope that helps

Scott Tichenor
Mar-10-2009, 8:59pm
It's hard to know what's going on at your end for sure. I'd suggest subscribing to the Cafe MP3 podcast and that will download most of the tunes added in the past 18 months directly into iTunes where they can be played. To subscribe, you can launch iTunes and then go to: Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast ... in the subscribe to podcast dialogue box, enter the following web address: http://www.mandolincafe.com/mp3/mp3.xml

Jamie's explanation is plausible. Always best to download to one central location. I hope this helps. If so, or not, let us know.

Mar-11-2009, 12:49pm
Well thanks, guys for your very swift response - I went with the simplest solution, from Scott, thankyou - after a bit of jiggling it worked though I could only access part of the 'playlist' for the pod cast - will have another go later on when |I've more time.
You'll have recognised a technophobe here!

Mar-11-2009, 1:14pm
Jamie's advice is correct. If you just click on the file from the 'cafe, your machine will play it through the default player, in your case iTunes. However, to find it again, you will need to "Add To Library" in iTunes, as Jamie described. (There are options in the preferences, regarding copying or aliasing, but you can ask me separately if that is important to you.)
I have downloaded many wonderful tunes from the 'Cafe, and I have a playlist called "Mandolin Cafe" in iTunes and on my iPod. I've also tried the Podcast, but I find it much more convenient to have the tunes show up as a song (not a podcast episode), particularly since I use shuffle play so much.

Good luck!



Mar-12-2009, 12:48pm
Once again, thankyou for all your help - I'm up and away now; what a great facility, thanks for sharing all this great music, Scott. As someone new to the genre, one doesn't know quite how much of it one wants to ..er...embrace! This is an excellent way to sample musicians' work and select what you really like....and purchase more of it! Off on Saturday to look at mandolins, how good is that?:)