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Jul-31-2004, 1:56am
Heres the newest BRW- the one that started the "Thinking about a BRW" thread. Ben finished it on Wednesday and drove to my house to deliver it that night. All I can say is it looks amazing and sounds so much better than I could have expected! I'm very, very pleased and cant wait until tomarrow when I get to take it to the symposium. Some people have been asking for pictures, so here they are- enjoy. Sorry they arent the best quality, but I do what I can. More pictures here:

Jul-31-2004, 1:57am
The back (sorry about the flash!)

Jul-31-2004, 1:58am
...and not a very good picture, but you get the idea (MOP tuner knobs too!)

Jul-31-2004, 2:27am
...and (last one), since I had such a difficult time deciding on back wood, I thought I would post a comparison so that ya'll could see a before and after:

Scotti Adams
Jul-31-2004, 7:32am
..looks real good Marie..hope you enjoy it...

Jul-31-2004, 8:18am
It's a beauty! I like the quilted back.

Jul-31-2004, 10:21am
Looks really nice I'm sure it sounds awesome too. It's good to see a BRW in a Pegasus too. I'm thinking I might try and order a Peg pretty soon. That is of course if Sam is taking orders I heard there for a while he was so backlogged that he wasn't taking orders.

Jul-31-2004, 2:30pm
WOW! Very nice Marie.

Now get out there and Rip it Up.... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif

Aug-02-2004, 7:48am
i think the scroll looks kind of funny. only kidding. nice looking instrument.

Aug-02-2004, 9:51am

love the dark burst...definitely my preference!