View Full Version : economando crop

Mar-04-2009, 7:17pm
here's a few of my economandos coming into being.....

Mar-05-2009, 7:07am
Very nice. I would be overwhelmed in a room with that many awesome mandolins!

Skip Kelley
Mar-05-2009, 7:31am
Ken, that looks like that would be a great room to be in! A mandolin player would be like a kid in a candy shop! Very nice work!

Mar-05-2009, 8:36am
Looks great, Ken. Good adaptation to the market too!

Mark Walker
Mar-05-2009, 12:00pm

Ken - between you and Bill Bussmann, you guys are really cranking out some fine looking mandolins en masse! I'd like to be in that room with those mandolins too. Is there a Fantasma in the midst of them somewhere as well?

Keep up the great work!

Mar-05-2009, 7:08pm
yes Mark, a couple of Fantasmas too. I'm going to have to move some around before my Siberian Husky starts playing them......

Mar-06-2009, 12:32am
So what's the idea behind the "economando"? They look stunning! :grin: Are they a cheaper version of your normal build? Different woods?

John M. Riley
Mar-06-2009, 12:56am
ken, just wondering if one of those is mine?? Thanks!

Mar-06-2009, 8:18am
No John, but yours is soon. I'll be sending progress pics after I begin. To answer the other question, the economando is the same as all my others, less the binding on the back, has lacquer and no case. Virtually the same sound. I will offer an econodistressed soon too.

Mar-06-2009, 1:03pm
here'a an econo I strung up this morning, great sound.

D C Blood
Mar-06-2009, 3:45pm
For more photos of Keen's fine work, check out the Silver Angel Myspace site...See my sig block for address...:grin:

Mar-06-2009, 8:17pm

D C Blood
Mar-08-2009, 8:47am
Hey Ken, What's the "fantasma"? I had not seen that term before, and I don't find it on the web site...

Mar-08-2009, 4:12pm
David, it's a contemporary mandolin that I designed, with 4 points instead of two. Fantasma means ghost in Spanish. It should be on my web-ste.

Mar-08-2009, 4:15pm
here's pics of it.

Chuck Naill
Mar-08-2009, 7:11pm
Beautiful, Ken.

Thank you for posting. How does that last one sound?


Mar-09-2009, 8:04am
It's the deepest mando I've ever heard.....has mids and highs too......

Mar-09-2009, 4:36pm
I saw and briefly played one of these economandos firsthand at a little festival this past weekend. The owner had just recently gotten it. Very nice, even nicer up close than the pictures suggest, and it sounded excellent.

Mar-17-2009, 12:54pm
Nice looking crop Ken. How did they colour up?

Mar-17-2009, 9:35pm
One is on another post finished, economando latest or something. I'll have another ready in a few days. It's a dark colored cedar top, really deep sound. I'll post it. I really like cedar for depth of tone.